Have you just defeated Malenia the Valkyrie but don’t know where to go to restore her major rune? In this new guide for  Elden Ring , we explain the procedure to follow!

The difficulty of the maneuver lies in finding how to access the isolated divine tower, lost in the middle of the sea that separates Leyndell and Necrolimbo. Don’t worry, we know exactly how to do it!

How do I get to the Isolated Divine Tower?

It all starts in the Weeping Peninsula, in the very south of the map. Near the beach is a decrepit tower called the “Return Tower”. Be careful, it is well guarded.

Elden Ring: Where to restore the key part of Malenia?

Climb the ladder, and open the chest. It’s actually a teleporter chest, which will take you to the Divine Bridge in the capital, Leyndell.

Ignore the sleeping giant on the platform, and go left. You will find a teleporter that will take you straight past the door to the isolated Divine Tower.

Elden Ring: Where to restore the key part of Malenia?

No opponent will stand in your way anymore; all you have to do is take the elevator and restore the rune of Malenia! 

Elden Ring: Where to restore the key part of Malenia?

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