Elden Ring: Where to find all the major bosses for trophies?
Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of secrets, and some of its most iconic bosses are particularly well hidden. But whether you follow our recommended route or not, here’s a comprehensive list of Major Bosses along with some pointers on how to find them and complete the trophies.

It’s obvious: do not read this guide if you want to protect yourself and keep certain clashes secret.

Where to find the bosses of Elden Ring ?

Counting the bosses of the secondary dungeons, Elden Ring has a hundred bosses. But only a handful are considered significant in history. Also there are only 30 trophies related to bosses. Here’s how to get them.

Margit the Fallen

Margit is the first boss of Voilorage Castle. You can’t miss it: it blocks your way to enter!

Godrick, the Shardbearer

Godrick is the master of Voilorage Castle. This is the final boss of the area. You can’t miss it.

Leonine Chimera

Hidden in an optional dungeon, the Leonine Chimera is the end boss of Howling Wind Castle located in the far south of the map, in the Weeping Peninsula. Note that he is not hiding in the castle, but on an islet located a little lower.

ancestral spirit

The Ancestral Spirit is a boss that needs to be summoned in the underground area of ​​Siofra. This requires lighting the 8 braziers present in the area, and interacting with the skeleton of the beast in its mausoleum overlooking the void.

Royal Guard Loretta

Loretta guards Caria Manor, located northwest of Liurna.

Crimson Wolf of Radagon

This is the first boss in the Raya Lucaria Academy dungeon.

Rennala, queen of the full moon

Rennala is the end boss of the Raya Lucaria Academy dungeon.

Makar the Magma Dragon

Optional, Makar keeps the passage allowing you to reach the Altus plateau without using the Dectus elevator. The passage to his lair is just north of Liurna, up the stream.

Nokstella Draconid Soldier

This Draconid soldier guards the first part of the Ainsel’s underground area. To enter it, you have to take an elevator located north of the divine tower of Liurna, on the east coast.

Radahn, the Fragment Bearer

Radahn is one of the major bosses in Elden Ring . It’s on the beach north of Red Lion Castle, just southeast of Caelid.

Mimic Tear

Accessible from Nokron, the area that opens after defeating Radahn.

Royal Ancestral Spirit

Here again, it will be a question of lighting 4 braziers in the area of ​​Nokron after having defeated the Tear imitator.

Valiant Gargoyles

Boss located at the end of the Nokron area. To find it, you have to go along the cliff until you find jellyfish that indicate a passage. Killing them opens the passage to Deeproot Depths.

Fortissax the Dragon Lich

Be careful, this boss is very easy to miss. You will need to follow Ranni’s and Fia’s quests to be able to summon him in Deeproot Roots.

Bramble Elemer

Elemer is the boss of Shadow Basti, located between Altus Plateau and Mount Gelmir.

Noble Sanctechchair

First boss of Volcano Mansion. First of all, you have to agree to join the Refractories faction in the living room of the mansion.

Rykard, the Fragment Bearer

Last boss of the Volcano Mansion area, and major rune wielder. You can access his arena by completing the refractory questline or by continuing on your way after defeating the Noble Sanctechair.

Mogh the Forsaken

Boss hidden deep in the sewers of Leyndell. Once defeated, remember to open the secret passage behind the altar, which leads to one of the quests to obtain the third ending of the game.

Commander Niall

Taulier of the Solcastel bastion located northeast of the Cime des Géants. He guards access to the second half of the secret medallion of the Sacred Tree, which notably leads to Malenia or the Moghwyn Palace.

fire giant

Final boss of the Giant’s Rise area. Allows access to the forge and burning the World Tree.

Mogh, the Fragment Bearer

We find Mogh in a much more edgy form in his underground palace. Accessible by taking a hidden teleporter in the secret area of ​​Giant’s Rise.

Loretta, Knight of the Sacred Tree

Loretta returns to defend her mistress Malenia on the outskirts of Miquella’s Sacred Tree. This is the northernmost area in the game, accessible only after collecting the secret Sacred Tree medallion.

Malenia, the Shardbearer

Malenia is the last boss in the Sacred Tree area. It can only be reached by having collected the secret medallion of the Sacred Tree .

Duo Sanctechair

First boss of Farum Azula area. Accessible only after defeating the Fire Giant.

Maliketh the Ebon Blade

Farum Azula end boss. Needed to burn the World Tree’s thorns and penetrate its trunk.

Placidusax, Dragon Lord

Placidusax is probably the best hidden boss in the game. He is on the platform closest to the tornado that is ravaging the Farum Azula area. It is necessary to turn back from the site of grace baptized “Abords du grand pont” and approach the void when arriving outside. On the platform closest to the whirlpool, agree to lie down on the ground to go back in time and face the terrible dragon lord.

Hoarah Loux the Warrior

Last rampart preventing you from entering the World Tree. It is right in front of him, in the throne room.

Astel, Spawn of the Void

End boss of underground areas. He keeps access to the end zone of Ranni’s quest, and therefore of the Moonlight Greatsword.

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