Malenia is probably the most recognizable boss in Elden Ring . It was she who was shown first by FromSoftware, and who comes in particular as a statuette in the collector’s edition of the game. But she is also one of the best hidden opponents in the game, and is in a very away from the classic course.

In this guide, we teach you how to access the hidden area of ​​the Sacred Tree of Miquella, which houses the shard carrier Malenia. This is a major, albeit optional, boss that must be killed to obtain a trophy and thus platinum Elden Ring .

Where is Malenia, the Blade of Miquella?

Malenia is the guardian of the Sacred Tree of Miquella. This is an area in the far north of the game, accessible by obtaining a secret medallion and then solving a puzzle to discover a teleporter. A convoluted journey, which we explain in detail above.

But first of all, know that Miquella’s Sacred Tree is probably one of the most difficult areas in the game, and that Malenia easily ranks in the top 3 of the most difficult bosses to tackle. Don’t try to go too early!

How to get to the hidden area of ​​Malenia?

The Giant’s Rise area is actually split into two parts. You access the first naturally by progressing in the story, but the second will resist you if you cannot find the two parts of the secret medallion of the Sacred Tree.

To get your hands on it, you have to go to the Albinauric Village, southwest of Liurna. It is quite dark there, so bring a torch to light you up. Go up in the village until you find a flute player perfumer. Once on the ground, continue to progress along the rock. You will find a stone coffin with a vase next to it. Roll on this vase to discover that it was actually a character who was hiding.

The NPC has disappeared from my game, but it will be here if you haven’t discovered it already.

Talk to him and exhaust his dialogue to get the left part of the secret medallion of the Sacred Tree. Albus will also tell you to go to another location to get the second part.

Go to the bottom of the cave located south of Liurna, where Latenna and her friendly wolf will be waiting for you, who will tell you where the second part of the medallion is. Direction Fort Solcastel, northeast of the Cime des Géants. After defeating its protector, the veteran O’Niall, you will gain access to a tower which contains the second part of the medallion.

Now in possession of the medallion, return to the large lift in Rold. But rather than using the classic locket, select the “use secret locket” option. This will take you directly to the secret area that you have yet to discover.

Solve the riddle of the city of Ordina

You still have some way to go to find Malenia. Go to the north of this secret area, in the liturgical city of Ordina.

Solve the riddle of the city of Ordina to access the Sacred Tree.

Here you will find a goblin statue that you can interact with. Do so, and you’ll be transported to an alternate version of the location. The goal is to light different braziers. 3 are located at the top of small towers, and the last one in the middle of the square. Beware: arrow slits are posted on the roofs, and an invisible assassin prowls the streets. Don’t hang around.

Once the puzzle is solved, the portals open. Take the steps north and use the teleporter. Here you are now in front of the Sacred Tree of Miquella: a rather full-bodied dungeon, which will make you face Loretta, huntress of the Sacred Tree, and Malenia, the goddess of putrefaction.

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