A week ago we realized that Nvidia could have suffered a computer attack. And although at the time the company did not confirm, it added that it would investigate the situation. However, other data revealed the next day proves the cyber-invasion of the brand’s servers, at the hands of the group of hackers LAPSU$, which will have compromised approximately 1 TB of information.

In turn, the latest information reveals that the attack exposed more than 70,000 Nvidia employee data

Nvidia hack exposed more than 70,000 employee data

Over 70,000 Nvidia employee data released

There are now new details about the recent computer attack suffered by the giant Nvidia. According to the information, the hacking group LAPSU$ thus helped to leak the data of 71,355 employees of the graphics company GeForce RTX.

According to the popular “Have I Been Pwned” website, the exposed data includes ”  more than 70,000 employee email addresses and NTLM password hashes, many of which were later hacked and leaked to the hacker community. ” .

This amount of published data is quite significant, as Nvidia is said to have just over 20,000 workers worldwide. Thus, although the company does not share more precise details, it is inferred that this data may belong not only to active employees, but also to former employees and to employees who have several different accounts in order to access internal services. and external to the brand. .

Nvidia hack exposed more than 70,000 employee data

But the problem doesn’t end there, as the LAPSU$ group has yet to earn two code-signing certifications, although both have expired. However, researcher Bill Demirkapi said that ”  Windows still allows them to be used for driver signing .”

Nvidia has already indicated that after the discovery of the intrusion, its network was reinforced, having hired cybersecurity experts, in addition to alerting the authorities. However, of the compromised 1TB, only 180GB of data has been revealed, which may indicate that we’ll have more details soon.

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“Why are we still getting hacked?”

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