Lost Ark is the latest MMORPG to be  released worldwide, and similar to New World, it has been building hype for some time.

Another game published by Amazon Game Studios, the game has a party system very similar to other MMOs.

Since the game was released in early February, they’ve kept moving forward and detailed some of the fixes and other areas that the games will address in the post-launch patch!

Is There a Lost Ark Turkey Patch? how to download

Is there a Lost Ark Turkish Patch? How to Download

 From now on, it seems lost ark

 Turkish patch will be released when developers try to fix some issues with the game . One of the most important fixes coming to the game is adding more servers for players to log in as well. This means less queue time and more fun for you and your friends. Having said all that, we ‘ll be reviewing all the

patches that Lost Ark has outlined and which are coming in the next few days .

Is there a Lost Ark Turkish Patch? 

Earlier today, we placed a limit on character creation by new players on servers that have reached long queue times. This will help prevent queues from increasing further as our player base continues to grow. For now, we are waiting for the

Turkish Patch .

How to Download Lost Ark Turkish Patch?

Players have told us that one of the reasons they don’t want to migrate to low-population servers is because many of them have used Founder’s Packs on another server. To help combat this and make exploring new servers a more sensible choice, we’ll be giving away an extra set of special items from the Founder’s Pack to ALL Founder’s Pack buyers who use their bundle by 12:00 PT (20:00 UTC) on Monday, February 14. The package they use (for example, the Founder’s Special Pet and the Founder’s Title from the Bronze package; see full list below), as well as some additional Royal Crystals for those who purchase the Silver, Gold, and Platinum Packages.

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