US military plans to launch satellites to 'patrol' the moon's orbit

The US Air Force Research Laboratory announced that a new mission to space will be launched with a new video it shared. Although not much is known about the mission, sharing revealed that the US military will launch satellites that will patrol the Moon in space.

The development of technology is also pushing people’s space exploration forward. This situation causes a new news about space missions to appear every day. The news today showed that the Space Force , which belongs to the United States army, is working on a new Moon mission.

A new mission was announced in a video published on the official YouTube account of the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). According to the statements, the US military plans to send satellites that will patrol around the Moon into space in the coming years.

Satellite will be sent to ensure the safety of missions

The video shared by AFRL announced that the name of the project will be ‘Cislunar Highway Patrol System (CHPS) ‘. In the statements made in the video, the space missions of the USA so far and some details of this planned mission were mentioned: “So far, the US space missions have reached 35,000 kilometers above the world. The Air Force Research Laboratory also wants to increase this distance by a factor of 10, expand the US operation area by 1,000 times, and plans to provide access to the far side of the Moon.”

Let’s say that there are not many details about the project at the moment. However, based on what is mentioned in the video, it can be said that satellites equipped with a powerful telescope can be sent into lunar orbit to ensure the safety of space missions . Also in the video; It is understood that such a project may be being developed to take control of the space traffic expected to increase due to commercial flights, important missions such as Artemis, and the missions of countries other than the USA, which are expected to become quite widespread in the future .

Brian Weeden , program planning director of the Secure World Foundation, which carries out studies on the peaceful uses and sustainability of space, also shared his thoughts on this mission in his statements. Weeden described this mission as the first step towards learning what’s going on in deep space and identifying potential threats to US activities.

Finally, it is stated that this project, which aims to create military activity around the Moon, will receive support from different branches in the USA. According to the statements, the development of the CHPS satellite will be carried out by the Air Force and many other organizations. The US Space Force will determine how this satellite will be used. There are no details yet about when the task will start; but it is estimated to be in 2025.

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