PayPal is the newest company to decide to impose sanctions against Russia, which has invaded Ukraine. PayPal, one of the world’s largest online payment service platforms, announced that it has suspended its services in the country.

The crisis between Russia and Ukraine has been on the agenda of the world for the last week. The beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused reactions from all over the world. In addition to these reactions, many countries and companies stated that they took sanctions against Russia.

Companies from many different sectors, led by technology giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, announced that they had decided to stop their services in Russia . In addition, payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay have also banned the use of their platforms in the country. Now the war sanction has come from another giant payment service provider.

PayPal announces it has stopped its services in Russia

PayPal announces the suspension of its services in Russia

PayPal , an online payment system provider based in the United States, has also joined the companies that have imposed sanctions on Russia. According to the reports, the company decided to stop its services in Russia to protest the war. The following statements were also included in the statements made by CEO Dan Schulman: “ We condemn the military operation in Ukraine and we stand by the international community on this issue.”

As we mentioned before, many world giants continue their sanctions against Russia. In the statements made yesterday, it was stated that the accommodation service company Airbnb would stop its services in the country . In addition, the giant game company Electronic Arts also decided to suspend its sales in Russia . In addition, as a result of this war in which hundreds of civilians died , giant institutions from different sectors such as Volkswagen, Ikea and H&M announced that they were heading for similar sanctions.

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