Minecraft is banned in Russia. one more restriction

Minecraft is a very popular game which is played a lot in both PC and mobile phones. According to the information received, Minecraft has now been removed from both Play Store and Appstore. This game will no longer be played in Russia. This game is popular all over the world but due to Russia’s war on Ukraine it has been removed from Russia’s Playstore and Appstore.

This could be another big blow for the Game lovers living in Russia. All kinds of sanctions are being imposed on Russia so that this war can be stopped. But these restrictions are of no use. Putin will not end this war, he will continue.

Many sanctions have been imposed since Russia’s war on Ukraine, causing a lot of trouble to the people living in Russia. So far all the big companies have imposed sanctions on Russia. But despite this, Putin is in no mood to stop the war. Most of the companies in Russia are making losses and their market value has also fallen by 90%. Import exports to Russia have also been stopped for the time being.

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