“We have no ill intentions towards our neighbours. I advise them not to escalate the situation and not to impose any sanctions.” “All our actions are taken in response to some unfriendly moves against Russia,” said Russian President Putin. phrase used.

Calls from Putin to neighboring countries: we have no bad intentions

As Russia enters the 9th day of its military intervention in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin made statements by videoconferencing to the meeting about the launching of a new Russian ship.

Noting that Russia will continue to develop despite the difficulties, Putin said, “We will strengthen the transportation and logistics infrastructure throughout the country. We will do this in the Baltic Sea, in the Far East in our regions in the Arctic.” used the phrase.

Noting that they do not want relations with neighboring countries to deteriorate, Putin said, “We do not have bad intentions towards our neighbors. I advise them not to aggravate the situation and not to impose any restrictions.” he said.

In his speech, Putin said:

” We are fulfilling all our obligations and will continue to do so. We see no reason to escalate the situation or worsen our relations. All our actions are only taken in response to some unfriendly steps against Russia.”

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