Spotify’s exclusive iOS Q swipe gesture is making its way to the Android version of the popular music streaming app. iPhones have had this feature for years, and now it looks like Android users will also be able to enjoy adding to the queue on Spotify.

Spotify’s Swipe to Queue Only for iOS Makes its Way to Android Users

Several reports on Reddit indicate that the Swipe to Queue gesture for Spotify has made its way to some Android users. Previously, this was reserved for the iOS version of the app only, while Android users were waiting for it. According to XDA, more users will get the feature over the next few days.

Ever since Swipe to Queue was introduced in Spotify’s iOS app over five years ago, Android users have been asking the company to add support for the feature for Android as well. Last year, Spotify said it had no plans to bring the feature to Android, but it appears the company has decided otherwise.

Reddit user u/Far-Contact-9369 first discovered that the feature was available for the Android version of the Spotify app. It lets you add tracks to the queue with a simple swipe gesture more seamlessly and easily. Basically, the feature lets you swipe from left to right on a track and add it to the queue.

However, Swipe to Queue is not yet available to all Android users, and Spotify may test it with a small number of users before releasing it to the general public. You can check if you have it simply by playing a song and then swiping right to see if you’ll see the “Added to Queue” message. If not, that means you still don’t have the feature and will have to wait a bit longer to get it.

The curious thing is that Spotify has yet to make an official announcement on the feature, but it can be expected to do so when a global rollout begins.

Check out some of the latest Spotify news you might have missed

Recently, we reported that Spotify has finally released its first hardware product, an audio streaming device designed for use while driving, called the Car Thing. Initially, you could get it for free, but only by special invitation from the company. Later, you had to join a waiting list and buy it yourself.

Well, now Spotify has officially announced that the Car Thing is widely available in the US, and anyone can get it for up to $90. In the box, you get the Cart Thing itself, mounting gear, a charging cable, and a 12V adapter. However, to use the device, you first need a Spotify Premium subscription.

Basically, the Car Thing acts as a remote control for the Spotify app which has a touchscreen and voice recognition. However, it doesn’t have speakers, so it just functions as a middleman between your phone and your car speakers. It can work via Bluetooth or AUX cable. The goal – to make it easier for you to change your music while driving with minimal distractions.

On the other hand, Spotify has been working to improve its podcast experience, and we’ve reported several instances where the company has acquired small businesses specializing in podcast creation. One such example is a company called Whooshkaa.

The company brings specialized technology that allows broadcasters to easily turn their existing audio content into podcasts. The music streaming giant said it would integrate this “stream to podcast” technology directly into Megaphone (which already offers a variety of hosting, distribution, reporting and monetization tools for podcast creators).

Whoooshkaa’s ability to easily transfer broadcast audio to podcast audio will hopefully bring more third-party content to Spotify, the audio streaming giant believes. This third-party content may also come to Spotify Audience Network, which will help increase the reach and impact of Spotify’s advertising partners.

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