You must have wondered why men start their day with an erection almost every morning. Science has some theories about it.

You woke up in the morning because of the doorbell, you saw that there was a courier at the door; You want to receive the package you have been waiting for, but you cannot open the door because of your famous morning erection .

Here is what science has to say about the causes of morning erection , which sometimes leaves men in such difficult situations and is experienced almost every day .

There are several theories about the cause of morning erection, scientifically called “nighttime penile swelling.”

Reasons why men wake up with an erection almost every morning?

According to the first of these, this condition is associated with REM sleep. In REM sleep, which is the sleep state in which you dream, the brain regulates the body by turning off some neurotransmitters, thus ensuring that you do not express what you see in your dreams with some reflexes/movements.

The neurotransmitter norepinephrine, which has a role in the control of erection, is also affected by this and decreases, and the movements that depend on testosterone come into play. When the blood flow to the veins (and therefore to the penis) increases, that famous morning erection is achieved.

Morning erections may also be occurring while asleep to prevent incontinence.

Bladder filled with urine during sleep; It causes the penis to rise by stimulating the sacral nerves of the spinal cord, which are responsible for the control of the penis. Since it is difficult to pee hard, it is thought that incontinence is prevented by the erect penis. However, this theory is seen as a weaker theory compared to the first, as the body also has different methods to prevent bedwetting.

Morning erections are known to protect men from diseases related to penile dysfunction.

Reasons why men wake up with an erection almost every morning?

Morning erection, which may occur about three to five times during sleep in men without erectile dysfunction; It can be seen not only in adult men, but also in young children and even male babies in the womb . Also, not only men but also women experience clitoral erection and vaginal bloating during sleep.

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