The collision of the moon and the rocket floating in space will take place today. The collision will take place at around 15:30 CEST, according to calculations and estimates. Space agencies will not take any action regarding the collision of the rocket, whose identity is not yet certain, to the Moon. This event will be a first in history as it happens completely out of control.

In a content we shared with you about a month ago, we mentioned that a rocket wandering in space would hit the Moon . According to the first estimates, this rocket belonged to SpaceX. However, subsequent claims claimed that the rocket in question belonged to China , and China denied these claims . Now, there has been a new development regarding this event.

According to the studies of astronomers, the collision between the Moon and the rocket will most likely take place today . The collision is expected to take place around 15:30 CEST. However, this collision will take place on the dark side of the Moon. Therefore, space enthusiasts observing the Moon with their telescopes will not be able to see the collision .

NASA will further investigate the collision on the Moon

*The estimated location of the area where the rocket will hit.

According to astronomers working for Scientific American, the collision will take place around Hertzsprung Crater, which has a diameter of 570 kilometers . Experts say that this will be the first unregistered collision on the Moon . However, it must be said that this will not be the last. Because the vacuum of space is becoming a little bigger garbage every day, and it is very possible that the number of similar events will increase.

Space agencies won’t care  much about a collision on the moon . For the event that cannot be followed from Earth, the usual program of spacecraft that examines or has the opportunity to examine the Moon will not be changed . In the statements made by NASA, it was stated that the collision would be investigated later .

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