Google Chrome deploys its version 99: Here are the new features of the browser

Pending the arrival of Google Chrome 100, which could cause some bugs at launch, the Mountain View firm is deploying version 99 of its web browser .

A shy new iteration of Google Chrome that will make it easier to track downloads, but reduce the impact of adblockers .

What’s new for Chrome 99?

Chrome 99 has arrived. Google has announced the deployment of the new version of its web browser which includes some new features, but which does not bring major changes before those of Chrome 100 .

In the program, a few additions here and there, starting with the appearance of a new shortcut in the toolbar whose icon will change depending on the status of downloads. It will turn blue when one or more downloads are in progress before turning gray once the operation is complete. However, this functionality is not activated by default, Google having to make a few more changes to ensure its stability.

Google Chrome 99 also marks the adoption of Manifest V3, a controversial API that should bring change to ad blockers. More specifically, adblockers will now have a maximum of 30,000 filters, compared to 100,000 currently. However, the transition will be gradual, since the extensions already available will only be ordered to switch to Manifest V3 from 2023.

Other minor new features include the arrival of handwriting recognition support that will make it easier for developers to create note-taking and drawing applications without having to go through third-party integrations, and a system date picker for forms, feature highly requested by the devs.

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