8 Best GTA 5 Visual Modes to Play on PC

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) was originally released in 2013, but it continues to thrive with a loyal player base and constant updates that keep it up to date, with over 160 million copies sold. As is already a tradition in the Open World franchise, the PC version in particular, draws attention to the possibility of installing a variety of mods (modifications) made by the community, including visual improvements that allow for photorealism. — and may give a glimpse of what might happen next with the newly confirmed new games in the franchise.

Given that the Rockstar Games game is about to cross its third generation of consoles, it’s only natural that many of its textures and modeling are dated to today’s eyes. Keeping this in mind, Voxel, in the following lines, has listed nine main scene modes for GTA 5 to play on PC.

insane rain

As the name suggests, the Insane Rain mod is relatively simple and aims to intensify the rains and storms of Grand Theft Auto 5 , as well as making them even more realistic. It is even possible to notice the incidence of light on the drops, helping to make the experience more immersive. The impact of the drops on the ground is also much clearer and brings a new visual experience to the game.

Best of all is that, according to the creators themselves, this is a modification that has no effect on performance in the game, so you can install it without fear of suffering bottlenecks and other performance issues. To download, just access the official page by clicking here .

Awesomekills Graphics

Those looking to take the GTA 5 visual experience to a new level have to try Awesomekills Graphics . It stands out for its primordial work with light and shadow effects, which make a huge difference in graphics. In addition, the mod includes support for Ray Tracing technology, with more beautiful and real-time reflections.

This mod is constantly updated, with the latest version being released now in February 2022, so it’s worth checking the official profile to find out what’s new. You can download it in full by clicking here .


Now, in the line of attention to small details, one of the top recommendations is VisualV . According to the creators, the purpose of this modification is to improve different aspects of the graphics of GTA 5 , including weather effects, color correction, maximum distance for lights to appear, improvements to the volumetric fog effect, dynamic shadows, among other changes.

VisualV is also recommended for those who want to improve the graphics of GTA 5 without necessarily making the game lose its essence, in addition to being lighter compared to more radical mods. You can download it by clicking here .

Project RELOAD Enhancer

Following the premise of the previous mod, Project RELOAD Enhancer aims to significantly improve GTA 5 ‘s graphics , but without making the game lose its original premise. Here, the main differences are in the textures, but there are a number of other improvements that collaborate to make the game even more beautiful.

Although it is already a relatively old modification, it is worth trying it out and checking if it meets your preferences. To download this mod, just go to the official page by clicking here .

GTA Realism

In turn, the GTA Realism mod targets not only high-end graphics enthusiasts, but also more simulation-inclined gameplay. Among the highlights is a revamped weapon system from the ground up, which even takes into account the weight of what is being carried by the player.

Even the physics of melee combat has been changed, among dozens of other tweaks that contribute to a more realistic experience. Finally, there could be no lack of improvements in textures, lighting, shadows, ambient occlusion, etc. Those who want to check it out in practice can download the complete version by clicking here .

2K Water

If you are the type of person who is specifically bothered by water in games, then the 2K Water mod should suit your needs in GTA 5 . Here, the work is purely on textures and resolution in order to make the sea, pools, lakes and oceans look much more realistic.

It is worth remembering that it is possible to merge mods to customize the game to your liking. Therefore, it is interesting to experiment with 2K Water with other modifications focused on improving the game’s visuals. Download it for free by clicking here .

LA Vegetation

Now, the LA Vegetation mod is a good choice for vegetation enthusiasts in games. The goal, according to the creator, is to rework all the trees, shrubs and plants in GTA 5 , using as a basis the textures and patterns found in real life in Los Angeles – the Californian city from which the Rockstar Games game takes inspiration.

The result is quite impressive and manages to draw even more attention if combined with other graphical modifications, so it’s worth exploring the options on this list to customize your experience. The complete download can be made by clicking here .

R?hancer Photorealism

Similar to RELOAD Enhancer , the R?hancer Photorealism mod focuses on preserving the original GTA 5 aesthetic, but with various touches on different graphical elements. Among the most notable are the lighting, improved reflections, more particles in the rain, completely reworked weather, etc.

It is also interesting to note that, at dusk, the game becomes much darker, giving value to the lighting that comes from vehicles and other sources – which have also undergone improvements. To install, just go to the official download page by clicking here .

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