netflix will not stream russian channels

Russia faces the threat of a major sanctions after military intervention in Ukraine. While many countries are announcing their decisions on Russia one after the other; Digital broadcasting platform Netflix also made an important statement regarding the rule that binds Russian state channels to broadcast.

The military operation launched by Russia on the morning of February 24 in Ukraine continues on its 6th day. Explosion sounds are rising in many cities, especially in the capital Kyiv. Ukrainian citizens continue to leave their regions and move to shelters to ensure their safety.

During the war; many countries and big companies have started sanctions against Russia and the Russian society in order to take their stand. One of the companies that took a step against Russia was Netflix, the world’s most popular online TV series and movie viewing platform.


Because Netflix has more than 100,000 subscribers, it was classified as “Audio-Visual Services” by the decision of the Russian Federal Information Technologies and Mass Media Supervision Agency (Roskomnadzor) . Digital platforms in this category include 20 news, sports, entertainment, etc., affiliated with the Russian state. will have to broadcast the channel live.

The regulation was expected to come into effect on March 1. However, the said regulation was postponed due to the Russia-Ukraine war and has not been enacted yet. After the regulation made by Roskomnadzor came into effect, it was a question of how Netflix would follow, while the company made the first statement on the subject.


According to the news quoted by ShiftDelete , digital broadcasting platform Netflix said in a statement to Variety, referring to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine launched on Thursday, February 24, “Given the current circumstances, we can say that we have no plans to add these channels to our service .


Digital streaming platforms like Netflix must comply with the laws of the countries in which they operate. For example, according to the regulation that came into force in Turkey in 2019, Netflix, BluTV, HBO Max etc. on-demand broadcasts came under the control of RTÜK (Radio and Television Supreme Council), and these platforms were obliged to obtain a broadcast license.

After Russia’s new regulation goes into effect, Netflix will have to broadcast live channels Channel One, NTV and Spa, which are operated by the Russian Orthodox Church. If he persists in his decision and does not make these channels part of the service, he may be banned in Russia.

The regulations also require Netflix to have a subsidiary in Russia.

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