How to get the werewolf out of the tower in the Elden Ring?

Wondering how to get that howling werewolf from the Elden Ring down from his tower? As you ride through the Misty Forest of eastern Limgrave, you may hear a howl and follow it to its source to find a werewolf knight with a good wail.

The problem is that there is no way to reach him and he seems too preoccupied to say hello. Since Elden Ring NPCs like Pot Boy are surprisingly hard to find sometimes, I’ll help you get this werewolf, or Blaidd, as he’s actually called, down from his tower and say hello.

How to get the werewolf out of the tower in the Elden Ring?

Where to find Blaidd

You can find Blaidd in the ruins of Mistwood in West Limgrave. If you follow the path south through the forest, you’ll find the ruins on the right, though you’ll hear it long before you see it. The ruins also contain a pretty decent talisman in the basement, though watch out for the giant bear sleeping nearby.

Elden Ring werewolf in the tower: how to get it down

It’s actually very simple to take down Blaidd, but as with many FromSoftware game things, it only seems simple once you’ve already figured it out. Similar to how you get the Spirit Calling Bell from the Elden Ring, he returns to the Church of Elleh and talks to Kale, the merchant. You’ll hear unique dialogue over the howls, and Kale will give you the “snap” gesture to bring Blaidd down. Go back to the Mistwood Ruins and perform the gesture with him in sight and he will jump next to the tower. And that is!

If you plan to continue your quest to find Darriwil, head to the hill at the southernmost point of East Limgrave. By the way, Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is in our boss guide, so stay tuned.

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