Elden Ring tips for surviving the Lands In Between

Elden Ring is a game that deserves a new long post of tips and guides for maneuvering in its dangerous open world. There are enemies to defeat, characters to talk to and many things to discover as you snake through the land in between. But knowing everything ahead of time ruins the spontaneity of the game, precious moments when you stumble upon something you didn’t even know the game was capable of.

If you haven’t played a FromSoftware game before, Elden Ring can put you in a loop early on. FromSoftware makes a lot of assumptions about how much you know about the structure of their RPGs, but they are far from simple. The following tips will help you get started on your way to Erdtree’s base and will provide you with the tools to move forward if you get lost – and you’ll be lost.

Elden Ring beginners tips to get off to a good start

From choosing the right class in the Elden Ring to how and when to step back, if you start the game with this beginner’s guide in mind, you can live to see the sun rise over the Elden Ring Midlands (not that it will improve your situation much). Here are some tips to help you on your journey.

8 Elden Ring tips for surviving the Lands In Between

Choose a good beginner class

Ask any Souls player and they will tell you that beginner lessons don’t matter. You can build your stats in any direction, they say, so a starter class is more like a start in the direction you want to go . This still holds true in Elden Ring , but your starting class has a huge impact on your first dozen hours, as the game progresses relatively slowly compared to the much shorter and smaller Souls games before it.

Use the description option in the menu (E on the keyboard or Y on the controller) to read the stats and choose what suits a melee or spell-based character. For new Souls players, I would recommend choosing a class like Vagabond for balanced starting stats, or a class like Hero for Vigor (health) and Strength highlights. If you start the game using a sword and shield and decide early on that you want to use magic, that’s no big deal, but it may mean you’ll have to drop some enemies or bosses for later until you raise the Intelligence level. to meet the challenges.

collect everything

Elden Ring is an open game and naturally has a crafting system. Be sure to spam the button you use to collect items as you gallop over the bushes and flowers while galloping through the Lands in Between. The world is full of plants to choose from, so you don’t need to get out of your way, but you should make it a habit to clear a path on your way to your destination. This way you can craft useful tools like fire bombs, multiplayer collectibles and arrows.

Elden Ring tips for surviving the Lands In Between

use privacy

I can’t stress this enough, use the stealth system. Elden Ring’s stealth system appears to have been borrowed from Sekiro. Enemies are pretty tolerant of how far they can hear you crouching, and if they do, they’ll only look at the last place they saw you. This means you can abuse stealth to get you past a few monsters to get items or put yourself in a nasty backstabbing position. Parts of the game pretty much require it as well, so practicing early will give you a leg up when that time comes.

Don’t head for the big castles first

This is a strange tip, but don’t go directly to the big castle or buildings erected at the end of every large area in the Elden Ring. It feels natural to gravitate towards something that seems to advance the story as quickly as possible, but the game isn’t really designed that way. If you want a big challenge go for it, but Elden Ring is structured like an MMO. The open world is for exploring, doing side quests, defeating mini-bosses, collecting gear and leveling up. Dungeons or castles are more like raids that leap with difficulty and keep bosses in multiple stages.

Elden Ring tips for surviving the Lands In Between

Prioritize map part icons

Elden Ring’s map is a great way to start exploring a new location. Even if you want to let the game organically guide you to certain things, it’s nice to make sure the map piece is unlocked in case you need full directions. When you arrive at a new episode of Lands Between , open the map and look for a stone tablet icon. This will be where the map fragment item is located. They are usually close to the entrance but sometimes take some effort to reach. Once you have it, you will clear the fog on the map and you will be able to see the main roads. You can ignore the map, but if you die and you really want those runes back, it would be nice to have it around to help you get back into your body.

Don’t be afraid to come back later

Elden Ring’s non-linear format means you will encounter bosses or enemies that are very difficult for you at the moment. In fact, this can happen throughout the game, even with bosses located in the same area. As with many other open world games, you should get used to leaving tough encounters or dungeons for later when you get a little tougher. For our Elden Ring review, I played the game for 60 hours and there are still things that kick my ass in the early areas.

Elden Ring tips for surviving the Lands In Between

Benefit from Spirit Ashes and NPC summons

The biggest mistake you can make in Elden Ring is skipping Spirit Ashes. After opening time, be sure to find the ruins of a church near the first Grace Site (bonfire) after training. Go there at night, meet the lady with the big hat and take the Spirit Bell from her. If you can’t find it, go to Roundtable Hold, the game’s hub, and buy it from two dead girls (don’t ask how that’s possible, it’s a FromSoftware game).

Throughout the Lands in Between, there are bosses and groups of enemies in the open world that are hard to beat without really playing carefully, so it’s often much easier to divide their attention with AI allies. Whenever you enter a new area or room, check to see if the tomb icon appears at the bottom left of your screen, which activates summons. You can find and unlock all kinds of deadly companions, including skeletons, archers, and wolves. If you scout enough, you can upgrade them to deal more damage.

Alternatively, and in addition, always look out for a yellow NPC summon sign, especially in the first dungeon, Stormveil Castle. You have to poke the courtyard area until you find the character, but once you do, they will help you fight the last boss of the area. Players can be summoned the same way, but when you select the sign, it will say their name. It’s up to you if you want to summon Souldierboy420 instead of NPC.

Test different Ashes of War

Elden Ring introduces a new form of weapon skills that typically uses your blue FP resource. Ashes of War are abilities attached to weapons and shields that perform special attacks such as holy projectiles, spell deflection, and attack power boost. They also affect how well your weapon scales with certain stats.

Some enemies and bosses are weak against certain types of damage, so it’s wise to play around with whichever Ashes of War you equip each weapon with. If you’re doing a boss run, try a few different skills and see if you can work your way through your rotation. Weapon skills don’t replace normal combat, but they can help you get the upper hand against a particularly tough boss.

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