The idea is that all profiles linked to the Russian authorities stop getting monetization on the platform as a form of penalty for the conflict with neighboring Ukraine.

War: YouTube announces to block Russian channels RT and Sputnik across Europe

his Tuesday (1), YouTube blocked Russian channels RT and Sputnik from its platform across Europe due to the war in Ukraine. 

“We have blocked RT and Sputnik’s YouTube channels across Europe, effective immediately. Our systems need a little time to be fully operational. Our teams monitor the situation 24 hours a day to act as quickly as possible,” YouTube said. .

Last Monday, Facebook, which belongs to the Meta group, also decided to block the contents of the RT network and Sputnik, considered part of the Russian state press, in European Union (EU) countries. 

“We have received requests from several governments and the European Union to take additional measures in relation to Russian state-controlled media,” Meta vice-president Nick Clegg wrote on Twitter, justifying the suspension due to the “exceptional nature of the situation”. .

The announcements are in line with the ban on the two media enacted on Sunday by the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, who considered that both are guilty of selling “lies to justify” the war started by President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine.

In addition to Youtube and Grupo Meta, last Sunday, Google also decided to suspend the monetization of Russian state media on its platforms in retaliation for the invasion of Ukraine. 

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