It has been announced that how much is the total cryptocurrency aid to Ukraine under Russian occupation. According to the statement, more than $10 million in aid was given to Ukraine.

After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, financial and moral support came from many countries. Among the donations made, the large amount of donations made through crypto currency attracted attention. It was said that the Ukrainian government, non-governmental organizations and voluntary groups collected funds by sharing their bitcoin wallet addresses online.

In statements made by crypto currency analysts, it was stated that the amount of crypto currency aid coming to Ukraine is at least $11 million; However, no information was shared about the exact amount of assistance. The amount of cryptocurrency assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine was announced today by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov.

Ukraine raises over $10 million in cryptocurrency donation

12.7 million worth of crypto money aid

Last Saturday, the Ukrainian government‘s official Twitter account read, “Be with the Ukrainian people. We now accept cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.” As a sharing was done; In two hours, the addresses of two crypto wallets that collected $5.4 million were shared.

On the other hand, the Ministry of Digital of Ukraine  made a donation call to “Help the Ukrainian armed forces” ;  However, no information was given on  how this money  would be spent .

In a new statement made by Fedorov, it was stated that the total amount of crypto money donations to the Ukrainian Armed Forces reached $12.7 million in just two days . Accordingly, Fedorov noted that $ 5.5 million worth of Ethereum, $ 4.4 million worth of Bitcoin, and $ 2.1 million worth of Tether were given. Fedorov also thanked the crypto community for their help in his post. 

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