Anti-Spam: Beware, Gmail Is Changing the Rules, With More False Positives

In its fight against spam, Google may have gone a step further. Gmail is the subject of many complaints when its users discover that many legitimate emails end up in a spam folder instead of a mailbox.

Gmail has guides to help users avoid this inconvenience, but they are not very accessible to the general public.

Spam everywhere, email nowhere

Two months ago, Gmail tightened the functioning of the spam handling mode to ensure that users had the least unpleasant experience possible. Unfortunately, many legitimate emails can end up in the Spam folder if the parameters that are not accessible to the general public are not configured correctly. A number of complaints that have taken people by surprise have been identified and Google has tried to clarify things, especially in favor of companies using Gmail.

On its dedicated support page, Google explains the main reasons for the problem in these terms: ”  If spammers send fake messages using your organization’s name or domain, people who receive these messages can report it as spam. . This means that legitimate emails from your organization can also be marked as spam. Over time, your organization’s internet reputation can be negatively affected  .

To minimize this problem, Gmail advises to configure three things: the SPF, then the DKIM and finally the DMARC. The explanations are on the dedicated page, here in source.

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