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Practice management (PM) software for dental practices typically covers four main areas: administration, scheduling, billing and communication. For administration, this usually centers around a calendar and scheduling to keep track of which appointments are made and which need to be added. Automatic features can allocate calendar space for better efficiency.

Mapping patient records usually uses some sort of graphical or software tool to make it clear which treatments have already been performed and which are pending. Software can often be integrated with imaging equipment and X-ray sensors to make it easier to keep patient records and keep them up to date.

Billing will include fees and charges, at least automated claims with insurance companies and tracking payment status on them. In addition, best practice management software will also post reminders of unpaid bills and sometimes check eligibility before deciding on a treatment process.

Communication is usually focused on the patient portal to provide self-service and direct contact with clients, providing patients with a clear appointment date and reminders. This allows the same patients to keep track of their appointments, bills, and raise any issues directly via email or text.

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The Best Dental Practice Management Software

  1. Dentrix
  2. Open Dental
  3. dentimax
  4. Dental Curve
  5. Dental Wisdom

Keep reading for our detailed analysis of each service.

The days of paperless practice are almost over and most businesses are moving their software needs to the cloud – and dentistry is no different. Software as a Service (SaaS) is becoming the norm for all types of office and practice management to provide greater efficiency and productivity. Automated workflows and data analysis enable dentists to see where they can save and increase profits.

Here we list the best dental practice management software.


For streamlined dental solutions

Good range of automation features in the form of centralized on-demand learning

Dentrix provides a comprehensive cloud-based software platform to manage all aspects of your dental practice, including the key areas of business management, clinical mapping, patient engagement and billing Are included.

The Business Management feature provides an overview of how your practice is performing in terms of efficiency and productivity and lets you create key reports covering financials, patient statistics, recommendations and more. Because the platform is mobile-friendly, it allows you to check specific information on the go or at home as well as check overall performance. The clinical mapping feature provides 3D modeling of the teeth of any patient and allows you to suggest the appropriate treatment for that patient.

The Patient Interaction feature provides self-service tools that provide automated messaging and schedules. It can also send alerts to confirm appointments and let you know which patients have not been confirmed. Billing and fees have also been simplified, allowing you to simplify insurance payments and manage card payments. Real-time reports tracking reimbursement and automated pre-treatment eligibility checks.

From in-house courses to seminars, there are various training options for you, and staff can be trained at a pace that best suits your practice.

To purchase a Dentrix plan, you will need to contact your local Henry Schein representative here


open source dental kit

Flexible and customizable range of key features

OpenDental is an open source practice management software package for dental practice of any size. The fact that the software is open source means that it can be easily adapted to suit the needs or requirements of a particular practice, and the platform has a well-supported community. The software is also cloud-based, so you can run it on your desktop or mobile device via the web app.

Open Dental comes with a variety of features, including graphical charts and reports, recipes, and discount plans. There is also an e-services package to provide a patient portal that includes online web forms, integrated email and text messaging, scheduling, reminders and confirmations. There are also several software bridges, specifically for servicing imaging software and data import, as well as providing value-added services to clearinghouses and third-party applications, not least for productivity and workflow management.

Although Open Dental software is open source, it is not free. There is a fee structure for using the software, receiving updates, and support. However, instead of a simple rate or fee tiers, there is a base tier of fees and a series of additional charges based on the number of users and features used, and then discounts are applied according to the size of the exercise, which Meaning that it may not be clear what the actual cost is initially. Will.

You can register with Open Dental here



Make the most of your dental practice

Image Processing IntegrationPrice CleanupLimited features on the cheapest plans

DentiMax offers cloud-based dental practice management software, as well as imaging and radiography software that can easily work together.

DentiMax includes a standard set of practice management features for paperless administration, not least patient charts with realistic teeth whitening, as well as insurance verification and e-prescription features. It also includes some nice changes, at least the ability to customize your home screen with shortcuts to links to the areas of the software you need most. You can also set up patient lists with columns and display filters as needed.

The company also develops its own imaging software that can work with a wide range of X-ray sensors, intraoral cameras, panoramic and cephalometric devices, as well as its own proprietary X-ray sensors. Either can work with DentiMax practice management software, allowing images to be saved directly to patient records.

Four different plans are available, with the cheapest starting at $49/month, although some of the charting and administration tools are limited. The Standard plan provides access to more clinical management tools for $99/month, while the Full plan provides more paperless features for $199/month. All three plans have an additional $199 setup fee.

You can subscribe to DentiMax here

4.Curve Dental


Get rid of straight and narrow practices

Good range of featuresNon-limited price plansModern settings

Curve Dental also offers a cloud-based practice management suite designed to ease the work of assistants, hygienists and dentists. Scheduling is simplified with drag and drop functionality and uses color coding to make it easy to identify meeting types. The date and time can be locked as per your requirement. Pictures, medical history and treatment options are available with a single click.

The graphs are presented in a clear user interface with color coding for realistic tooth modeling and treatment to make it easy for all employees to follow. Visualizations are an integrated feature of software, and they are easy to manipulate in order to study them better. You can also set your favorite manipulations and default filters to make it easier to find the information you need. Measurement tools also work seamlessly with images that are saved and synced to the cloud.

Billing feature is set up for easy payments and adjustments, and provides easy-to-understand details to patients. Recall and insurance transaction management is designed to simplify reimbursement management, with payments automatically applied to the insurance portion or the patient portion of the treatment history.

There are four main plans available, most of which cover similar features, with the main options being automatic reminders, custom forms, and access to custom images. However, for pricing, you’ll need to contact Curve Dental directly. Please be aware that setup and training fees may apply on top of any monthly fees.

You can register for Curve Dental here

5.Dental Intelligence


intelligent performance management

automatic work. Team Analytics. Prepared report. limited workflow.

Dental Intelligence is not so much a practical management platform as it is a productivity suite that integrates with it to provide automatically generated reports and analysis. The goal is to simplify and streamline the performance management of the exercise and make it more profitable. It is a cloud-based solution that runs from the mobile app and makes it easy to access from anywhere, be it the office or travel.

Every morning, the software provides an overview or results of the previous day, as well as an action plan for each team member for that day based on the goals and KPIs set. It automatically generates call lists for appointment confirmation, hygiene recovery, unscheduled procedures and fees to ensure that unscheduled appointments are never missed and which payments need to be tracked.

Dental Intelligence also provides a Smart Caller ID to work with your phone system so that when a patient calls the number listed in their record, a pop-up window appears, informing about the date of the patient’s last visit. Must have basic knowledge as well as information. Regarding appointments or payments. There is also a smart scheduling feature that aims to fill up empty slots with appointments on time and keep track of unpaid bills. It can also compare the performance of different team members for learning and development purposes.

No pricing information is provided, but potential customers are encouraged to try a free demo before contacting sales for pricing.

You can register with Dental Intelligence here

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