Google wants to strongly sponsor start-ups in their early years. Eligible companies can use Google Cloud for free for the first year and receive significant discounts for the second year.

Google wants to attract young start-ups to its cloud. For this, the Internet giant will financially support the companies. Eligible startups can use Google Cloud Platform for free for one year. Google will bear all costs up to a maximum limit of €100,000. In the second year they get a 20 percent discount, again up to a maximum of €100,000.

In addition, Google plans to support start-ups with a new Startup Success team. This team is a single point of contact for companies. Google wants to support organizations to have easier access to technology and to use it better.

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The benefits for start-ups are clear: in the first years of their inception, they can access the cloud and related benefits immediately without incurring huge costs. Of course, Google doesn’t offer support out of the goodness of its heart. By quickly connecting start-ups to its cloud, they are more likely to remain customers of Google Cloud Platform. After all, when companies adopt certain cloud services in their start-up phase, they run the risk of committing to the platform through Google-specific services.

To use the free offer, you must have raised your initial capital from pre-seed to Series A as a start-up. In addition, Google wants start-ups to be no more than ten years old, to have a publicly accessible website and to have a Google Cloud Billing account ID with a domain that matches your company. Organizations that have completed an IPO, have already received $10,000 or more of credit, or are part of a government, non-profit organization or educational institution have no chance. Personal blogs, consultancy start-ups or crypto companies are also not welcome.

Does the competition follow?

The $200,000 offer is a significant jump from the limited trial Google initially offered. Companies that are not eligible for the program can still get started with a trial with $300 in credits. Google is currently unique in the scale of its incentive for start-ups. Given the high pressure to continue growing for all major cloud providers, we are curious to see if AWS and Microsoft Azure will come up with an alternative soon.

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