After the Ku Klux Klan and the Islamic State, hackers from the Anonymous collective announced yesterday that they were targeting Russia. This announcement follows the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian armies , launched on February 24 by Vladimir Putin.

“The Anonymous Collective is officially in a cyberwar against the Russian government”, which is what we read yesterday on the Twitter account of the hacker collective Anonymous. A message soon followed a series of tweets detailing the actions taken by the collective against Russia.

Anonymous went on the offensive… digital

As the Daily Mail points out, about thirty minutes after his statement, Anonymous exclusively announced that it had taken offline the site of Russian media RT (Russia Today) in the United Kingdom. An attack that didn’t bear fruit for very long, however, Russia Today’s British site is currently back online, according to our comments.

In another tweet, Anonymous Collective nonetheless assured that it was targeting the Russian government, while indicating that “the private sector will also be affected”. In the past, the group of hackers had already carried out similar operations against the Islamic State and the Ku Klux Klan in particular. The Daily Mail also recalls that Anonymous also threatened to attack Elon Musk (Tesla’s boss) last year, whom the group accused of having too much influence on the crypto-currency market.

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