AMD continues to steal market share from Intel in mobiles and servers

2021 was a fast-growing year for AMD with decent growth figures and a growing market share in the laptop and server market. Thus the pressure is on Intel again.

Research from Mercury Research shows that AMD continues to grow strongly in the x86 CPU market. That’s 25.6% of today’s deliveries, compared to 74.4% of Intel’s. AMD grew 3.9 percentage points year over year.

When we look at specific numbers within mobile, desktop, and servers, Team Red continues to be strongest in the latter category with a market share of 10.7%, up 3.6 percentage points. Market share within laptop chips is also increasing, while within desktops Intel is lagging behind. You can analyze the complete data below.

AMD continues to steal market share from Intel in mobiles and servers

ARM and x86

Mercury Research also focuses on ARM chips in its research and measures in 2021 that 9.5 percent of PCs had an ARM chip. It goes without saying that Apple is the main driver with its M1 chips, but the numbers also include some Chromebooks.

Earlier this year, we analyzed the advance of ARM and how it might be favored on x86 in the coming years. However, the future is not black and white, there remains a market for both technologies.

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