Twitter is 'finally' solving the problem that drives users crazy!

Twitter is adding a feature that is available on Windows 11, macOS, and a few other devices. This is that feature…

Evolving its platform day by day with the innovations it brings and aiming to provide better quality experience to its users, Twitter now includes a feature that is available on Windows 11 and many other devices and platforms. Is.

The “leave from conversations” feature that will reduce unwanted notifications, which it introduced recently, is a new addition to the platform after the 6DM pinning function, which is usually a paid subscription service Twitter Blue feature. Here are the features and details…

Twitter brings search to “Settings & Privacy”

A feature that Microsoft uses in Windows 11 devices, Apple’s macOS and Google’s Chrome , which we are also familiar with from smartphones, is finally coming to Twitter . There will now be a search bar in the “ Settings & Privacy ” section that you can use whenever you want to find a particular setting .

When you want to change a setting within the application, you won’t waste time trying to find that setting. The search bar that stops this annoying situation has finally arrived, although it’s been a while. Now, when you enter the Settings section, it will be enough to just type the relevant keywords into the search bar you see. This will list the possible search options related to the word on your screen.

The platform announced the good news from its official Twitter Safety account. Many users will have a hard time trying to find a setting, as the tweet received good responses about the new feature. The new functionality will be gradually updated across all versions of Twitter. Update your app to get the feature, stay tuned if there is no update available yet.

What do you think about the search bar that Twitter brought to the “Settings & Privacy” section? Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments.

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