Best Free Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Cloud storage is becoming more and more important and we have better offers for it. That’s why we recommend having the best cloud apps on your device. Android phone.

We currently have mobile phones that record 4K, take raw pictures, consume them. We install Netflix or various movies on our phones and more and more applications and games. Lastly, it is normal to have insufficient storage. Hence the concept of storing your files over the Internet without wasting your phone (or computer) internal storage in the cloud.

But there are many cloud clients, so we’ve rounded up the clients we like the most. Without further delay, these are our recommendations.

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Google Drive – Google Cloud

As lovers of Android, the operating system of the Big G, it is clear that one of the first thoughts that comes to mind. Google Drive. Google’s cloud has become one of the most popular today. It is installed by default on many Android phones.

It offers you 15GB for free. For €100/month you can upgrade to 1.99GB or downgrade to €19.99/year. Then there are a few planes going up to 30TB.

Google Drive
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Dropbox – The choice of many professionals

Many experts choose Dropbox to share their files or access them from anywhere. The free option only gives you 2GB to upload your files. However, your storage of €9.99/month is up to €16.58/month for 2TB (charged annually) and 3TB (charged annually). Options range from unlimited storage for professional teams. Each team pays its user € 15 per month.

Part of the mobile app also has a desktop app, but can also be accessed from the browser. This app works like a folder on your computer, by putting anything in this folder it will automatically upload to Dropbox, it will work the same on your mobile.

Developer: Dropbox, Inc.
Price: Free

Amazon Cloud Drive – with your Prime subscription

You all know Amazon. The most important Internet shopping site in the world also has its own cloud: Amazon Cloud Drive.

The cool thing about this app is that it comes with 5GB of cloud and unlimited storage for photos, including your Amazon Prime subscription. Yes, you read that perfect and unlimited storage for photos. And photographers, don’t worry, yes, your camera’s raw files go into this unlimited storage too.

You can certainly increase the capacity with some higher payout rates.

Amazon Driver
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free

OneDrive – Microsoft Alternative

Clearly Microsoft is not far behind in cloud applications. onedrive is one of those apps that has been around for years and it works great. Its free plan offers 5GB and you can upgrade to 1TB for just €69 per year. Quite competitive price.

The good thing is that the 1TB package is also Microsoft itself, with Office being a very interesting added value package.

Microsoft OneDrive
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
Price: Free

Telegram – More than a messaging app

Yes, Telegram is a popular messaging app, but it includes some other similar apps: its own cloud. You can use the saved messages from the Dúrov app as an unlimited cloud. Of course, you can upload files up to a maximum of 1.5GB and not organize them into folders.

Of course, if you use Telegram X instead of the classic Telegram application (Telegram X is an application similar to Telegram, but with some differences, it is also an official company), you can view the saved messages, but Not photos, files, gifs, etc.

POWERFUL: You can create group chats with up to 200,000 members, share large videos, documents of any type (.DOCX, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.) up to 2 GB each, and even set up bots for specific tasks. Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

Developer: Telegram FZ-LLC
Price: Free

MEGA – The most convenient free option

What started as a website for uploading and sharing files has become one of the most popular cloud apps, especially with its storage capacity in its free version: nothing more than 50GB. But of course it can be expanded with other ratios as well.

MEGA provides user-controlled encrypted cloud storage that’s accessed with web browsers and dedicated apps for mobile devices. Unlike other cloud storage providers, your data is encrypted and decrypted by your client devices only and never by us.

Upload files from your smartphone or tablet, then search, download, stream, view, share, rename or delete them from any device, anywhere. Share folders with your contacts and see their updates in real time.

Developer: Mega Ltd
Price: Free

Box – Optional for companies

One of the most considered clouds for companies is Box. This app provides us with 10GB of free cloud and of course its paid to increase the capacity.

It is chosen by many professionals because of its nice design, ability to access some files offline, share large files with links, encryption and much more.

Winner of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice Award: “There are plenty of excellent file-syncing storage services, but, on Android, the Box app takes the cake.”

Securely store, manage and share all your files, photos and documents with 10GB of free cloud storage from Box.

Developer: box
Price: Free

pCloud – Cloud in one payment

Another option that has been gaining strength lately is pCloud. Also, although it offers 10GB of free storage you can expand it, the difference of this app is that with one single payment you can pay for your cloud service and have it for life. A really useful thing for many professionals who make sure they don’t lose their capacity or data if they get paid or there is a problem.

pCloud is the secure place where you can store, preview and share files, anywhere you go. Start with up to 10 GB free storage.

You’ll be able to backup photos and videos from your device, play your personal playlists, or preview work-related documents. You’ll also be able to share large files with anyone and add extra security like password protection and expiration date. From your vacation photos to videos and work documents, pCloud brings all your files together.

pCloud: Free cloud storage
Developer: pCloud LTD
Price: Free

Yandex.Disk – a little-known but very complete application

And finally we have Yandex.Disk. A little-known Russian app that has attracted thousands of users with its efficiency and how cool it is. Offer encryption to protect your files. It gets 10GB of free storage.

Yandex.Disk is a free cloud storage service that gives you access to your photos, videos and documents from any internet-enabled device. Download the app to your phone or tablet and you’ll literally be able to carry your files with you everywhere.
– Transfer data from your cell phone to computer and back again, all you need is an internet connection.
– Your files will be completely safe on Disk, even if your mobile or tablet gets lost or broken.
– To share a file or folder, simply send a link to it and save on mobile data charges.
– Photos taken through the app will be instantly available on all your other devices.
– Get up to 10GB on Disk for free, and if that’s not enough, you can always purchase additional packages of 100GB or 1 TB.
The Yandex.Disk computer application is available at

Developer: Yandex
Price: Free

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