Apple has given Siri a new voice with the iOS 15.4 beta update released today. Also, this voice has no gender.

In the past, we have made you aware of claims that Apple may offer a MacBook with a foldable screen. Last night, an armed attacker in Amsterdam took employees hostage while trying to rob an Apple store, drawing attention in the world press.

This time Apple has introduced the new voice of its voice assistant Siri. The most striking feature of this voice was that it was ‘genderless’ and was voiced by one of the LGBTQ+ individuals.

Here’s Siri’s first ‘genderless’ voice

It turned out that the sound, which appeared in the iOS 15.4 beta update and was called ‘Sound 5’ in the settings, was named ‘Quinn’ in the system files. In the official statement made by Apple, it was announced that the name of this sound is ‘ Axios ‘. As you can hear in the video, the sound doesn’t resemble any gender or sexual orientation, and that’s why it’s called ‘sexless’.

Apple officials, on the other hand, confirmed that this voice was voiced by an individual from the LGBTQ+ community , but no explanation was made about who the individual was. Last year, Apple recorded the voices of 2 black individuals and made it available for Siri.

This genderless voice for Siri is currently only available as an American accent and is unfortunately not available in our country . The iOS 15.4 version, which will also include the new sound, is expected to be available to users next month .

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