Financial Advisor
Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is an expert who, with all his knowledge and experience, provides quality service to his clients, finds solutions, implements and provides assistance in the field of finance to determine corporate and individual needs. and helps you plan your future.

Financial advisors provide information about future planning or investment advice, such as private pensions and health insurance. They make sales that best fit the customer’s financial line.

Financial advisors are people who have analytical thinking abilities, are experts in communicating effectively with clients, and can work in a team spirit.

In addition, they are experts who do not hesitate to conduct financial research, constantly improving themselves in terms of knowledge, and have up-to-date information that allows them to follow the conditions of the domestic and foreign economic markets.

The Findex credit rating, which has an advanced calculation algorithm, is affected by all kinds of financial changes. Note With My Consultant service, we can get completely personalized advice from our expert advisors on how to intervene and keep these changes under control.

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