Help Desk: If you are doing business for a long time or planning to start a business by visiting this blog, then welcome to the place where you will learn how to make your business successful and successful.

What is the secret of a successful business? The answer is simple; Happy customers who always patronize.

Customers are the most important stakeholders of a business. They are what keep your business running. We can refer to them as the blood of the business that sustains a business.

However, is there a bigger question here? How do you make your customers happy, especially in this COVID-19 pandemic period? What makes them positive about your business? How will you stand out among your competitors?

The answers are not far off. The only way to keep your customers happy and satisfied about your business is to use help desk software. But here’s another headache.

How do you determine the best help desk software for your needs? Which one can your customer support representative easily install without getting tired and frustrated?

Which helpdesk software will protect your hard-earned business reputation?

This review will answer all these troubling questions. In this review, we’ll review 10 help desk software available to you. I will discuss in detail the operating systems, their distinctive features and their price.

You will find the most ideal for providing excellent customer service to your customers. And you won’t have to bother searching for the best help desk software for your business needs.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

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What is the Best Help Desk Software?

1. Live Agent

The best customer service software for large businesses

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

LiveAgent tops our help desk software list for the many features it offers, making it the ideal help desk software for small and large businesses.

It has nearly two hundred features that you can use to increase your customer support service . Let’s check them out.

What You Can Do with LiveAgent

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

With the Live Chat feature, you can have real-time chat with your customers. There is a chat box where your customer support agents can chat with your customers as if they were chatting on Facebook Messenger.

This software also provides an interface known as Universal Inbox where you can easily retrieve each and every message. You no longer have to lose your customers’ messages. LiveAgent allows you to track each customer’s requests, questions and suggestions, and create a single record of your customers’ messages.

There is also a ticketing system where you can easily sort, track and track each ticket purchased from your customers. It allows you to deal with customer related issues expeditiously without wasting your time and resources.

Using communication features, store key customer details such as their profile and categorize them according to your preferences. With LiveAgent, let your customers find the information they want on your website, such as order date, delivery amount and delivery date.

Other features to improve your customer support structure include hybrid ticket flow, automatic ticket delivery, service level agreement, merge tickets, email templates, contact groups, and more.


Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

LiveAgent allows you to get a 14-day trial period that gives access to the all-inclusive version. However, if you have a larger business, we recommend purchasing an all-inclusive version.

Individuals and medium-sized businesses can purchase other versions.

Free Version: Available

2. Freshdesk

Best Help Desk Software for Small Businesses

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

Freshdesk software is good helpdesk software for small businesses with customer support teams of 2-10 representatives.

This means that if your business is just getting your feet wet and you have a limited number of customers, Freshdesk will be the best helpdesk software for you.

What You Can Do With Freshdesk

Freshdesk software provides a single platform where you can categorize and prioritize the tickets you buy from your customers. You can forward your tickets and check if they are resolved.

You can use Freshdesk’s ticketing system for your help or service desk . This means you can issue and manage your tickets from a central tracking system located at your help or service desk. Catalog every ticket, queries and requests you receive, allowing your help desk or IT service representatives to easily work on them.

Also use agent conflict detection to keep every member of your customer support team on the same page . This ensures that the two agents do not participate in a single query. For example, queries of interest will be marked and grouped together to distinguish them from unattended queries.

Freshdesk allows you to easily automate repetitive tasks . For example, you might find about ten customers asking for the price of your products or services. Freshdesk software will allow you to automatically give similar answers to your customers instead of repeating the same answers for the same question.

The security and privacy of your data is therefore ensured by Freshdesk. Each Freshdesk software account comes with an automatically activated secure socket layer certificate.

You can also whitelist potentially harmful IP addresses without restricting your customer support agents from accessing your business account in the software .

You can also integrate other customer relationship management tools, error detection and tracking software, invoicing and payment systems with the software . This encourages collaboration and increases your productivity.

The shared inbox also allows agents to receive messages across various communication channels in a single box. Whatever channel your customers use, you can get their messages together. All in one shared inbox that all your customer support agents can easily join .

This software also comes with a remote support system for your customer support agents to work from home or public spaces . They can easily work together with each other. There is also multilingual customer support with access to multiple languages.


Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

Freshdesk software starts with a free version known as Sprout that gives you access to some of the essentials like email and social ticketing, knowledge base, ticket submission and data center location.

Other paid editions start from Blossom, Garden, Estate and the highest priced Forest edition.

Free Version: Available

3. EngageBay

The best ticketing software for small businesses

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

Labeled as the best software for best-in-class customer support , EngageBay help desk software also allows you to organize your sales, marketing and service structure on the same interface.

This means you can use it for support, sales and marketing. The support version is what we’ll be reviewing here.

What You Can Do With EngageBay

EngageBay allows you to streamline your communication channels and choose whether to use a classic ticketing system or a modern live chat ticketing system. You can arrange your support tickets sequentially to reflect the tags you have chosen .

For example, you can sort tickets into categories such as pending tickets, unresolved tickets, recently updated tickets, new group tickets, unassigned tickets, and unresolved tickets.

This promotes order and efficiency. Let’s say you have a specific set of tickets for people who order your goods/services.

The ticket group that will follow the group name you want, say “ticket order”, this will include basic information such as customers’ names, contact sources, e.g. their email and ticket status.

The situation mainly depends on whether the ticket is resolved or not. With EngageBay software, you can also create as many personalized tickets as you want to meet your targeted business needs .

What else? EngageBay is a modern automation tool that allows you to automate common routine tasks, leaving more free time and space for your agents .

To do this, collect similar questions or requests from customers and give real answers to these questions by tagging them with specific topics.

Then you can enable the automation feature that provides automatic answers to these common questions . Reporting and analytics features allow you to view detailed graphical reports and status updates on your dashboard .

Know the satisfaction level of your customers with your customer support services.

You are also free to create your own custom widgets that you can use together on the software platform . And if you want, you can also integrate other widgets for phone, support, social media and e-commerce.

Another important feature of this software is that it allows you to participate in effective digital marketing strategies that increase your business potentials. Run effective email marketing campaigns the way you want.

The software’s email delivery, autoresponder email, and double opt-in features all work together to ensure you have a fast email marketing campaign .

You can create your own email templates, subscriber lists and target them accordingly.

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software


EngageBay is a great tool for email marketing, email broadcast, autoresponder, landing pages, etc. It has four versions starting from the free version that allows you to enjoy features such as

The Basic version allows for 15,000 contacts and 10,000 branded emails, while the Growth type covers 50,000 contacts and 25,000 branded emails.

If you run a midsize business, we actively recommend the Pro version, which allows unlimited communications and around 50,000 branded emails.

Free Version: Available

4. Zendesk

The best customer service software for medium and large businesses

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

Zendesk Help Desk Software is the thought-provoking CRM tool you can use to efficiently integrate the support, sales and customer service units of your business.

Designed to be widely used in various sectors such as government, education, financial services, manufacturing and healthcare, Zendesk includes a range of features that will provide optimal customer support.

What you can do with Zendesk

There are two different versions of customer service software, the support package and the sales package. Let us examine them one by one.

support package.

Zendesk Support: This feature gives you access to the software’s ticketing system to track and resolve every customer support request from one place. Likewise, it has an integrated voice feature that will allow you to speak directly to customers and provide solutions tailored to their problems and wishes. Zendesk Guide: Customers can navigate the guide base and be guided. You can also use the WYSIWYG editor and Google Docs Importer available on the Guides platform to provide useful content for your use. This guide has a Help Center for your customers. If you need more than one help center for different products, you can create one you want. This feature is important because by providing your customers with specific information, technical know-how and tips, your representative will have fewer questions to answer in a day. Zendesk Chat : The Zendesk Chat feature of the Zendesk Support Package makes live chat and messaging with your customers easy and fast. It provides chat support where you can directly receive customer queries and get detailed answers to them through live chat. Your customer support agents can chat with your customers in real time and provide automated answers to their questions with the flow generator. Zendesk Talk : Zendesk Talk ensures that all your communication channels are in one place and hence your customer support representatives can process your customers’ requests from an isolated base.

Next comes the sales room. Sales packages include three main features: Sell, Find, and Collect.

You can use these features for Sales CRM, analytics and reporting, and in the community forums of your Help Center. Use Zendesk software today and achieve greater customer success.


Zendesk lets you try each version for free for 30 days. As a business or large business, opt for the software’s support and sales packages.

Free Version: Not available

5. ProProfs Help Desk

Easy-to-use help desk software ideal for both small and large businesses.

ProProfs Help Desk is a multifunctional help desk software suitable for small startups to large organizations. The biggest feature that differentiates this tool from others is that users can avail full customer support package.

In addition to a robust ticketing system, you get the combined power of complementary tools like live chat, knowledge base, survey builder, training builder and more.

What you can do with ProProfs

Ticket Management: Enable a complete ticketing feature where you can easily manage and track each and every customer support request. Give your agents the ideal platform to collaborate, communicate better, prioritize issues and resolve tickets quickly.

Shared Inbox: Bring all your support inboxes under one roof and enable multiple agents to respond to customer emails quickly and efficiently.

Helpdesk Automation: Take advantage of an automated workflow that helps your team go beyond mundane tasks and become more productive. With the round-robin ticket assignment feature, tickets can be automatically forwarded to available and competent agents. You can also share automated alerts and notifications to keep customers updated on the progress of their issues.

Receive customer feedback: Create and share interesting surveys across key touchpoints to better understand customer issues. Share CSAT or NPS surveys in seconds to gain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Self-Service Incentives: With the ProProfs Help Desk, you can build both an internal knowledge base for your employees and an external knowledge base for your customers. This is the way to encourage self-help and provide your employees with FAQs, help articles, videos, guides, etc. This is a great way to empower them to find relevant help such as


You can use ProProfs software free for 15 days, then upgrade to a paid version starting at $10 per user per month. ProProfs Help Desk is relatively more affordable than other help desk software on the market.

6. Happy Fox

Best help desk software suitable for IT and Multi-Brand Help Desks

Happyfox is an essential help desk software for telecom and large enterprise IT service teams. Features of this software include email ticketing and knowledge base.

What You Can Do With Happyfox

With the e-mail ticketing system, you can manage your customers’ e-mails through a single central system .

It works like your email where you can search for any person you like and interact with them accordingly.

In Happyfox, you can learn the status of each ticket you bought from your users.

Use the ticketing system to know the assignee’s name, ticket priority, ticket category and time limit. You can also create a custom knowledge base to centralize the information your customers need to know about your products/services.

Knowledge Base articles will include guides and technical information such as FAQs and help pages to capture the attention of your customers.

This means that customers can regularly learn more about your products/services than your typical traditional FAQ page.

Use community forums to engage with your customers in active open discussions.

This increases customer loyalty and makes your customer service easier as your customers get each other’s support when they need it.

They can also post on forums and switch between viewing their own or other people’s posts. Promote your business more when customers share forum responses on their social media accounts. Is there any way to increase your customer engagement?

Then all you need is the Help Desk Reporting feature for this functionality. You can use HappyFox Software’s reporting feature to monitor your ticket flow and optimize your customer support strategies.

Two ways to view your ticket entry reports include chart and pie chart editing, which include the different channels used by different customers at a given time.

The Agent Activity Report feature allows you to monitor the performance of your agents and identify areas of customer support where they require additional training experience in addition to enhancing your positive customer experience.

The survey report feature allows you to determine the CSAT score of your agents and to know the satisfaction level of your customers.

There is also a ticket autoresponder where you can send auto-reply messages to customers’ questions.

Built-in chatbox feature with ITIL compliance allows your customer support agents to live chat with customers . Happyfox’s chat box is AI-powered providing enhanced performance.

Other features you will enjoy with Happyfox help desk software include self-service portal, multilingual support, email notification, task management, satisfaction survey and Happyfox sms.


Sign up for a 14-day free trial and then upgrade to a paid version. For small and medium businesses, we recommend using the Mighty, Fantastic, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions.

Large teams can choose the Starter, Growth, Scale or Scale Plus version.

Free Version: Not available

7. Vivantio Pro

Great CRM software for small business ITIL based service desks

Vivantio Pro is a solid ITIL loyalty service management software specially built as a CRM tool for small businesses and startups to manage customer support processes such as ticket configuration.

Vivantio Pro has a simple, easy-to-use and straightforward interface that service desks and customer support representatives can easily configure to suit their specific customer service needs.

What can you do with Vivantio Pro?

Vivantio Pro is a service resolution tool that you can use to manage, direct and track your ticketing business partners to the IT service desk.

Support agents can access charts and data from the dashboard to track the performance of customers and agents.

The software also comes with ITIL-based base layout that allows customer support agents to respond to service requests and manage incidents.

You can use Vivantio Pro to manage your assets and measure your reports. It has a self-service user interface that allows agents to automatically route key tasks.

It helps them to issue tickets, order ticket assignments, track and manage ticket routing and prioritization.

Vivantio Pro is suitable for problem management, change management, issue management, configurable ticketing and workflow monitoring.

You can manage incoming customer emails, create and save contracts, and track initial service tickets all on one centralized platform.

Call center and information management features allow your service desk agents to interact appropriately with customers by speaking directly.

Provide proactive guidance to your customers with an online knowledge base. You can deploy the Vivantio Pro software in the cloud or on-premises and use it remotely from a mobile device.


Vivantio Pro editions are for teams and businesses starting at £42 and £62 per month.

Free Version: Not available

8. Fresh chat

Best help desk software for lead generation and CRM for large organizations

FreshChat is help desk software that provides a comprehensive solution for large enterprise customer support agents to engage more with customers and meet their needs.

what you can do with freshchat

As a customer service software, it has an AI-powered chatbot where your customer support agents can actively engage with your customers. Interact effortlessly with your customers regardless of communication channels such as web, mobile and social messaging.

FreshChat also offers campaigns, integrations, messaging and an online knowledge base.

Let’s examine each feature and function.

Automation: With the Automation feature, you can assign interactions to agents or teams and use the unique feature of assignment rules to create concrete features that each assignment must follow.

Enhance interactions with campaigns and enable auto-triggered messages to provide automated replies to customers.

You can also run email campaigns to generate more leads for your business.

Self-Service: Self-service features like the FAQ page allow you to create ready-made answers to potential customers’ questions, but use great articles.

The pre-chat feature allows your agents to collect the necessary information from customers even before they start chatting.

Add and enable multiple languages ​​with Multilingual Freddy Answers.

Create, design and initiate custom bot conversations to ask questions, evaluate leads, and schedule meetings. Multilingual client flow lets you interact with a DIY bot builder in about 35 global languages.

Other features that support customer support self service are Instant Replies, Isle Redirect Bot, Freddy Private Flow, Freddy Replies.

Access and Security: With the Roles and Display features, you can customize the amount of access each agent has to their different roles.

Is your data vulnerable to viruses, spam and malware from specific IPs? Let your customer support agents handle it easily by blocking the selected IP. Note that you can unblock it later.

Efficiency and performance: Track your team’s performance, monitor your customer engagement and use the dashboard to view a summary of all activities. Automatically resolve conversations, enable canned responses, and encourage co-browsing to increase your help desk productivity.

Smart Plug: Allows you to integrate smart plugs such as FreshChat, Calendly Smart Plug, WooCommerce Smart Plug and StickerioD Smart Plug. To add a smart plug, go to Manager, click Smart Plug, then click Add Smart Plug.

Note that you can also edit or remove the smart plug.


Freshchat has a messaging version and an omnichannel version for small, medium and businesses.

Free Version: Available

9. DoneDone

The best issue management cloud-based software for the small business team

DoneDone is a simple and straightforward management software that is easily affordable for small businesses. It provides a cloud-based solution for team tracking of issues, workflows, projects, tasks and errors.

what can you do with the affluent

DoneDone, a management software for marketing and customer support teams, allows you to organize various tasks into one platform.

You can customize your work workflow, monitor your progress, and detect errors that can hinder team productivity. ,

Delight your customers with your business’s customer support team by using a ticket management system to assign and resolve their customer support requests

DoneDone also offers a single mailbox where you can manage all the customers’ messages, organize them and deal with them instantly without any clutter

Save and provide canned answers to frequently asked questions. You can view your assigned and unassigned tasks and know the deadline for your assigned tickets.

Create custom workflows and new tasks, define them with new tags, and add any titles you want.

what else? Use customer service metric tracking to measure the number of active conversations you have with your customers and their performance ratings. With DoneDone, you can also track down and squash annoying errors.


If you run a charity or educational institution, you are eligible for a lifetime discount of 30%. Also, the two paid versions are collaborative and outreach.

Free version: Not available .

10. Fresh serve

The most suitable ITLL compliance software for IT managers of large enterprises

FreshService is a cloud-based IT service desk software for IT teams. It is the Freshdesk Help Desk Software and the Sister Service Desk Software of Freshsales. All of these have their origins from the parent company, Freshworks Inc.

However, these software differ in that the new service is an ideal IT management tool and a new desk is best suited for a large business customer support support desk.

What you can do with Freshservice

With its ticketing system , self-service and knowledge base features , Freshservice can also be used as a customer support management tool. Freshservice distinguishing features include IT service desk, ITSM, IT project management, IT asset management and reporting. Let’s discuss each one below.

IT Service Desk : Your IT service management team can create an efficient drag and drop IT system customized to your business needs .

Using the incident management feature, your customer support agents can manage calls from multiple communication channels with automated resolution processes.

You can prioritize, categorize and manage tickets with simple built-in functions. Categorize similar questions and provide canned answers with knowledge management.

You can also create guides and helpful articles for customers through knowledge base articles.

Integrate with third-party apps using the edit center and encourage interactions between your agents with the team meeting feature.

ITSM : Freshservice allows you to isolate and monitor current issues and mitigate future risks whenever you implement any changes to your system structure. Update your IT team on new test plans and schedule announcements to keep everyone informed.

IT Project Management : Proactively plan your projects in key ITIL modules with the integrated ITSM feature and view your real-time project data to make informed decisions for the future .

You can also categorize each project using the specifications you want, from tags to priorities, form fields to workflows.

Create personalized reporting dashboards to get the latest view of your project analysis .

IT Asset Management : Automatically identify all your assets with automatic asset discovery and track them with asset lifecycle management.

Then you can keep a detailed record of your hardware, software and all your other IT and Non-IT assets with the inventory management feature.

Reporting : Perform comprehensive analysis, get organized custom cross-module and interactive visualizations.


The first version starts from Starter and has a free 22-day trial period that gives you access to all the features.

Free Version: Not available.

Benefits of Using Help Desk Software

A help desk software is very helpful for customer support teams.

Companies can use internal help desk software not only to handle customer requests, but also to monitor, discuss and address internal issues among employees.

For more clarity, here are the five main advantages of using a help desk software.

1. Easily communicate with your customers

Almost all helpdesk software comes with live chat, chat box and multi-channel shared inbox.

If you have ever been a customer support representative (like me), you will agree with me that getting a lot of customer messages every day can be frustrating and frustrating at times.

There are some days when you just feel overwhelmed, cloudy and still feel unproductive. So what’s the way? A help desk software will do this easily.

With the multi-channel shared inbox that comes with most help desk software, you can name multiple customer messages (and yes, bulk) from different points of contact (eg email, WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS) in one central inbox .

Stop losing your customers’ messages, get them all neatly in one helpdesk software inbox. These are not all the communication benefits of help desk software.

Use live chat to communicate with your customers in real time as they browse your website and convert them into leads.

This way you will have more customers. Freshchat helpdesk software allows you to communicate with your customers easily.

2. Stop doing repetitive tasks manually

Customer service involves a lot of repetitive tasks.

Whether you ask your customers the same questions before chatting or collect information from customers, welcome productivity and negate work stress by leveraging help desk software automation to mechanically perform repetitive tasks.

For example, if you find that your customers can’t do without asking specific questions, you can use the Canned Responses feature to provide answers to your customers.

All you have to do is use the autoresponder feature to record your potential answers to frequently asked questions and automatically provide those answers to your customers.

Save time and focus more on what really matters. However with automated systems, collect enough information from your customers before the chat starts and even create custom bot conversations after the chat so that your customers can get instant feedback.

Examples of help desk software that allow you to perform certain tasks automatically are HappyFox, Userlike, Engagebe, and LiveAgent.

3. Easily join tickets from your customers

Help desk software is bad without a good ticketing system. You can use the ticketing facility to collect and resolve tickets from your customers. Assign a ticket that each customer support agent will automatically resolve based on the agent’s skill.

You can classify each ticket by multiple categories, priority levels and status such as resolved or pending.

Many helpdesk software have a complete ticketing system that your customer support teams can use.

4. Combine with your favorite third-party apps

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

Modern and advanced helpdesk software allows you to integrate your helpdesk software with other third-party software, applications and plug-ins, thus improving the experience of your customers and optimizing your customer service.

Examples of widely integrated third-party apps include Slack, Google Analytics, Shopify, Salesforce, Help Scout, and Facebook Messenger.

For example, you can tie in to a CRM tool that has great features like access to customer details for comprehensive customer relationship management so that you can create more meaningful customer interactions.

Notably, the HubSpot service center allows for around 500 custom integrations with other third-party tools.

Another bonus?

You can also integrate other help desk software like Zendesk, Hubspot. However, HappyFox does not allow much integration.

5. See up-to-date reports of your activities

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

How do you know if your customers are satisfied with your customer service?

What will help you know how productive your customer support representatives are? Help desk software allows measuring customer satisfaction with customer feedback feature . You can even learn the performance of your customer representatives.

For example, Proprofs will help you recognize your website visitorsFor example, Proprofs has Qualaroo insights .

Key reports in dashboards using labeled pie charts and graphical analytics and use these reports to make important future decisions.

Learn key metrics like call volume, CSAT, FCR, and content volume. Excellent help desk software you can use to view reports are Freshservice, Happyfox, and Freshdesk.

What Features Should You Look for in Help Desk Software?

Now you know that getting help desk software is very important.

However, before paying your hard-earned money for help desk software, check out the key features to consider. to look out for.

What are the features that should come with good helpdesk software so that you don’t regret your purchase later? Here we will examine them all. Here are ten features to look for in a good help desk software.

1.Easy to use

As the first feature to consider, good help desk software should be easy to use and easy to implement by your customer support representatives.

Question here: does it come with good customizable tools? Do you have to go through a lot of stress before using it?

How long will it take during the application? The answers to these questions vary with different help desks.

While you may find some software very easy to use with simple drag and drop features, others may require some technical knowledge that your customer support representatives do not have.

Likewise, there are some helpdesk software that require you to download them before you can use them, while others do not. You can use most helpdesk software on your own server or in the cloud.

However, keep in mind that choosing a simple help desk software does not mean that you should not train your customer support and representatives on some basic help desk tasks.

For example, some help desks come with basic guides that provide adequate instructions for use. However, customer support agents should still be familiar with the main help desk software features and tools. ,

2. Good Ticketing System

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

One of the most important help desk software features is a ticketing system.

A good helpdesk software should allow you to monitor, organize and effectively manage your customer support requests without any stress .

Starting with buying customers’ tickets, you should be able to translate customers’ messages into tickets, receive them through well-organized channels, and organize them well in an omnichannel team inbox.

Once you’re past these features, check if you can track user requests, organize them to resolve issues faster, and collect common similar queries.

Can you automate some tasks like ticket classification and prioritization ? How about handling your ticket status management? A good ticketing feature of a help desk software should allow you to do all these functions mentioned above.

3. Easily Manage Your Emails

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

It is possible that a large percentage of your customers’ messages will come via email as a communication channel.

If you do, one of the most important features to consider when choosing the perfect help desk software for your business is an email management support tool. If you are going for it, FrontApp might be the best option for you as it is a great email management software.

Create important email templates, receive all messages in a shared inbox, and integrate other helpful CRM tools with this software.

You must be able to handle large email requests , categorize email messages, encourage team chats, and allow agents to interact with each other within a shared inbox.

It goes without saying that there are other help desk software that also support email management, such as Zendesk and Freshdesk.

4. Excellent Security and Privacy

Many companies, especially large companies, do not take security lightly.

This covers the physical security of employees and company assets, from malware, spyware and virus to virtual security of confidential company data and IT tools.

Such businesses highly value privacy, even among employees, and are not afraid to spend money on high-security tools that can cost an arm and a foot.

But even if your company isn’t a fan of security, you can be sure of a good help desk and IT software that promotes the security of your company’s data and customer details .

Fortunately, you don’t need to spend an arm or a leg on good helpdesk software that provides top-notch security and privacy.

In addition, public and free access from outside agents should be severely limited.

Specifically, the fresh chat helpdesk software has active security features that allow you to customize permissions based on the roles of agents so that highly confidential data can only be accessed by senior customer support personnel .

You can also block dangerous IP addresses and forward IPs likewise. DoneDone also allows you to track errors and squash them accordingly. Other suitable help desks are Vivantio Pro, Zoho Desk, Happyfox and Freshdesk.

5. Integration Feature

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

One of the great benefits of help desk software is that it integrates with other internal and third-party applications for greater productivity and greater efficiency. One of the great benefits of help desk software is its integration feature, which lets you

Particularly if you run a B2B company, you may want to integrate your helpdesk software with your billing and payment system, email marketing software, customer information, and CRM tools. So pay attention to the integration feature as well.

6. Work From Home Support

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the importance of alternative office work. The alternative is remote work, which allows employees to work from home.

Fortunately, there is a lot of remote desktop software that you can use for your business during this pandemic period.

It extends the help desk software.

The recently upgraded help desk software comes with remote working features that allow support agents to provide assistance to end users without geolocation constraints.

Therefore, consider the remote feature when searching for help desk software.

Examples of help desk software that have great remote work tools for both customer support and IT service desks are Zendesk and Happyfox.

Still, implementing remote help desk software doesn’t come without important considerations.

If you are going to opt for remote help desk software, consider important factors such as ticket routing and analysis tools, additional implementation costs, and extensive functionality such as a web-based operating system.

A central team that manages, deploys, and audits remote support software, make sure that once you’ve done all this, you can move on to remote support software.

7. Easy communication with customers

Best Help Desk Software of 2022 Reviews | Top 10 HD software

Communication is at the core of your customer support operations. How do your customers submit tickets? And how do your customer support representatives respond to tickets?

Of course through communication and participation. When buying help desk software, you should look for a remarkable communication facility.

This allows you to receive each customer message through the different channels used by your customers.

Then you can offer them the solution right away. For real-time interactions with your customers, make sure the helpdesk software you choose has a chat box and live chat features.

Likewise, you should be able to respond quickly, enable the auto-responder feature, and in some cases make phone calls with your customers.

A good example of customer service software that you can easily use as an effective communication software is FreshChat.

It allows you to interact continuously with your customers, assign each call to the representatives you want, and provide multilingual answers as well.

You can also add or enable any languages ​​you want and sign up for Freddy answers in other languages.

Create and design custom chat bots, quality leads and make your customers happy about your business.

8. Transportation Options

Here is the question; What if you want to switch to another help desk software?

Presumably your customer support team was originally using a help desk software. But after reading this review you might want to make a change. not bad.

How do you achieve this? That’s why migration options are an important feature to consider before investing in helpdesk software.

For example, as your support team grows, you may need to enhance your service and therefore use more comprehensive help desk software.

Some helpdesk software, such as Engagebe, comes with a migration feature and a review guide for migration.

You should be able to securely migrate your support requests, contacts, customer details, communication channels, knowledge base, and other data associated with your customer support service via private relay or fully automated data transfer.

Migrate your data to and from CSV files. Other helpdesk software that will allow you to do a faster migration are Freshdesk and HubSpot software.

9. Trial Usage

Here’s another big question: How do you know that helpdesk software has all of the above features?

The answer is not far off. Almost all help desk software allows you to try them out for a certain period of time.

This means that you can use every help desk software without spending a single penny. Especially if you are a small or start-up company and have a limited budget, it is essential to try out existing software so that you can get the best one for your limited financial resources.

Similarly, some helpdesk software such as FreshChat, LiveAgent, Engagebe and Freshdesk offer completely free versions with limited features.

If you have a limited budget, you can first use the free version of the helpdesk software of your choice and if there is a critical need to expand your customer support service, upgrade to the paid and affordable version.

This is the golden rule: Before deciding on any helpdesk software, try the software of your choice.

10. Happy Customer Support

The customer support of your preferred help desk software should be considered, as you will be using the help desk software primarily for customer support and service.

After all, they need to be able to lead by example. The thing is, you may encounter a problem or two while using the help desk software and hence need to contact customer support.

If customer support is just hard to access, when will they really need help after your purchase? Are the customer support representatives good and responsive? Or are they just out to take your money? Do they seem to readily provide help and support?

These are some of the questions you should consider here.
Help Desk Software FAQ

Which is the best help desk ticketing software?

What is the best help desk ticketing software?

It’s nearly impossible to pinpoint the best helpdesk ticketing software for sure. Why? This is because one of the key features of most help desk software is the ticketing system.

However, to fulfill one of our goals, which is to provide a comprehensive and detailed guide to our valued readers like you, we were able to select the five best helpdesk ticketing software. These are Freshdesk, Zendesk, Jira Service Desk, Zoho Desk and Hubspot Service Hub.

These help desks have complete and excellent ticketing features that help you manage every ticket you receive from your customers.

Take questions from your customers and employees with automated support processes,ensure that it is organized in an orderly manner and make your ticket assignment and routing processes easier and faster.

Why is help desk software important?

Every modern organization, whether it’s a large enterprise or a startup, needs help desk software to run business operations successfully.

For example, a help desk software allows you to stay in touch with major business stakeholders – your customers and respond to their needs quickly and satisfactorily. A help desk software allows you to be closer to your customers.

Not just about your customers, having help desk software in your customer support department can also improve the performance and productivity of your customer support agents and IT service desk.

Working with a help desk software will save them time and resources while automating multiple tasks, live chatting with customers, and tracking and organizing all customers’ issues . A help desk software tends to increase team collaboration and interaction

in your customer support or IT teams . With a shared inbox, they can work together on the same page and collaborate more with each other. A helpdesk software’s knowledge base can augment the knowledge of your customers and employees alike. Simply put, a help desk software is one of the most valuable tools of a successful business.

What is the best help desk software for small businesses?

Freshdesk is our pick for the best helpdesk software for small businesses .

To start with the budget, many small businesses often do not have enough financial resources and therefore cannot afford the costly help desk software.

Don’t worry, Freshdesk offers a free plan that doesn’t require any dollar payment . There is also a free 21-day trial period

where the free plan and trail proves vitally useful for businesses new to marketing . In addition to the budget advantage, the use of Freshdesk

easy to useand does not require any technical knowledge. You can easily install it and continue to benefit from its many features.

These features include e-mail and social ticketing , which allows you to receive your customers’ messages and e-mails from your social media tools in the form of tickets. Let your customers know more about your business by using a knowledge base

of essential information your customers may need to know . Streamline your communication channels, increase agent productivity, track and measure your activities with built-in reports with a common inbox . Also remote support

There is secure access to the software with its feature and a special SSL certificate that activates automatically .

Are You Ready to Make Your Customers Happy With Your Customer Service Center?

Are you just starting your business, starting your blog, hosting your website or starting a B2B business? And you have trouble getting enough patronage . You want to give your customers comfort with your business.

You want them to come back for more. Then, using a help desk software makes all this happen. This is the only solution to keep your customer support department alive and create all the unique differences you need to stand out.

Here is a quick analysis for the best help desk software for various functions.

  • Small Business: Freshdesk, EngageBay, DoneDone, FrontApp and Hubspot Service Hub
  • Medium and Large Business: LiveAgent, Zendesk, Userlike, Trengo and Zoho Desk.
  • IT Service Desk: Happyfox, ProProfs, Freshservice, Topdesk and Jira Service Desk
  • CRM Support: Vivantio Pro.

Avoid a quick look at these available software, instead analyze each one thoroughly, considering their functionality and price before you buy .

Choose the best help desk software for your business and take your company to your dream level.

Increase productivity, improve the performance of your support team, encourage collaboration, keep your customers happy and keep your business going.

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