Spotify buys two major podcast tech platforms

Spotify is acquiring two major podcast marketing platforms, Chartable and Podsites. Podsites is an advertising measurement service and Chartable is a podcast analytics platform.

Spotify is buying more podcasts. The company announced today that it has acquired Chartable and Podsights, two of the leading podcast marketing and ad attribution companies. The deal price was not disclosed, but this marks the company’s first major acquisition in a long string of audio acquisitions this year.

Both Podsites and Chartables allow podcasters and networks to add tags to their tags. It is used to track who is listening, whether or not they have heard of an ad, and whether they take action as soon as they hear it. Spotify said it plans to use Podsights technology outside of podcasting and will “bring it to the full range of the Spotify platform, including music, video ads and audio ads within display ads.” Chartable Acquisition appears to be geared towards podcasters rather than advertisers, especially because of its technology like SmartLinks.

Spotify writes, “These tools will make it easier for publishers to turn audience insights into action and ultimately expand their audiences while still expanding their reach.”

This deal is especially important for publishers. The company strives to make its advertising platform the best and most powerful in audio. If he wants everyone to buy ads through his marketplace, he needs technology to understand who’s listening to those ads and what they’re doing after hearing them. Plus, marketing analytics is important for show creators who want to make sure they’re spending their budget well. The deal helps creators and advertisers alike, two groups Spotify needs and wants to take to court.

Spotify has been on a spree of advertising tech, audiobooks, and podcasting among top creative talent in recent years. Last year, the company acquired Whooshkaa, Podz, Findaway, and Locker Room to offer and promote more spoken audio content, and then in late 2020 it acquired major podcast ad platform Megaphone. Joe Rogan’s podcast, as well as talent and shows to advertise, including Gimlet, Parcast, and The Ringer.

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