LiveAgent is one of the best Helpdesk Software in the market

LiveAgent Helpdesk is multi channel costumer software with features that support a personalized customer service. The Live Agent’s Universal Inbox lets you and your team view and respond to support tickets, and provide a status update on a customer issue or request.

If you own any type of business or at least own a business that has customers, you know that handling customer support tickets is part of your job. And providing good support is the key to happy customers and a thriving business. But in this day and age there are many more channels for the customers to reach you which is both a blessing and a curse.

You have email messages Facebook messages Tweets live chat Phone calls That’s a lot so if you’re looking for a way to stream all of your upcoming support tickets you’ll definitely want to stay tuned for today’s products jokes. I am Vijay Verma and today we are talking about LiveAgent which is a help desk software platform.

LiveAgent streamlines social media messages from all your customer support channels such as Facebook and Twitter, chat, email and even calls into one universal dashboard that helps you deliver the best possible and most timely support to your customer. helps. And they’ve also got a feature that I think is great that I’ll mention at the end.

So let me tell you about LiveAgent. With LiveAgent you’ll want to first integrate all of your support channels into your account, be it social media email live chat and even phone calls using a VoIP provider.

LiveAgent is one of the best Helpdesk Software in the market

Once you’ve added all your channels to your LiveAgent account, all inbound messages will be organized into one Universal Ticket Dashboard.

LiveAgent is one of the best Helpdesk Software in the market

As you can see here, we have a list of inbound tickets from multiple channels in one dashboard, these tickets can be assigned to your available support agents using the filters or departments you set up.

LiveAgent is one of the best Helpdesk Software in the market

So within each of these tickets your agents have the ability to respond to advertising internal notes supporting macros or link to help articles within their response. LiveAgent also provides you with live chat support, all you have to do is paste a snippet of code into your website and your visitors will be able to reach you with just a click of a button.

And with a liveagent, you’ll get real-time insights into who’s chatting, who’s waiting in line, and who’s browsing your website. And now for the convenience that LiveAgent provides what goes above and beyond that is the knowledge base. LiveAgent allows you to build your own knowledge base.

where you can place how-to guides and dockets that can be used both internally and externally to better support your customers.

Then there’s a reporting feature that gives you statistics on the number of tickets, where those tickets are coming from and how each of your support agents is performing. So if you are looking for a new solution to better support your customers then you will definitely want to check out LiveAgent

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