Google Currents is shutting down next year

Google will shut down the Google Currents (Google+) platform, which continues to serve corporate users today, in 2023.

Google Plus, which was tested during prolonged beta and began broadcasting in 2011, was often featured as a competitor to social media platforms such as Facebook in its early years. However, the platform; It has never been as popular as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest.

Unwilling to continue with Google Plus, which has faced the risk of victimizing its users due to security vulnerabilities in the last months, Google, on the other hand, deleted user accounts and stopped access to the platform in 2019.


The search giant announced that corporate accounts can be reused under “Google Currents” with the closure of the Google Plus platform.

The application, which was published for Android and IOS platforms, only served for corporate customers.

Google Currents is shutting down next year


Google announced that the platform, which was left open to corporate users today and renamed Google Currents, will be officially shut down again in 2023.

Noting that the platform is now completely obsolete, Google said in a recent Google Workspace announcement post, “With Space now available, we are looking forward to closing the Google current and moving the remaining content and communities to the new Space experience from 2023.” are planning to do.”

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