Google Chrome OS

Google has announced early access to a new version of Chrome OS called Chrome OS Flex. The new version will especially bring life to older PCs.

US tech giant Google has announced a new operating system version that will turn particularly slow computers into Chromebooks. Announcing early access to a new version of Chrome OS called Chrome OS Flex, the company will offer a lightweight and fast-running operating system for older computers.


Designed for businesses and schools, the new version of Chrome OS is designed to run on older PCs and Macs. According to Google’s blog post, the operating system can be installed on computers in minutes.

Google has announced that Chrome OS Flex will look the same as Chrome OS on a Chromebook and offer similar features.

All Chromebook features will come to older PCs, including the always-on Google Assistant and Android phone sync.

Google Chrome OS

A Google representative revealed that Google currently has no plans to add the Google Play Store and Android apps to Chrome OS Flex.

With Chrome OS Flex, Google will target users who can’t update their computers to the latest version of the operating system or don’t have enough budget to switch devices.

If you want to try out Chrome OS Flex yourself, you can find more information on the Chrome Enterprise website.

Remind you that the operating system is still in Early Access mode and hence you may encounter errors.

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