Users are concerned their personal information will be misused

A comprehensive study conducted in the USA revealed that the majority of people are worried about their personal data being misused.

Antivirus software company ESET conducted extensive research in the United States to examine the public’s attitudes and experience regarding cybercrime, cybersecurity and data privacy. The survey, defined as the ESET Cyber ​​Security Barometer, was conducted with the participation of 2,500 people. The research, announced by ESET Senior Security Researcher Stephen Cobb, revealed interesting findings.


70 percent of Americans are concerned about the misuse of personal data provided to websites while banking or shopping online. However, the vast majority of society now sees cybercrime as a growing threat to their country. In fact, nearly 91 percent of respondents stated that they think cybercrime is a more important problem than drug trafficking or money laundering.


According to Stephen Cobb, ESET Senior Security Researcher, the most striking finding in this research is the deep concern of the participants about the dangers posed by cybercrime and their lack of belief that it will be fixed soon. Nearly 87 percent of those surveyed said they expected an increased risk of becoming a victim of cybercrime.


19 percent of the respondents stated that they prefer not to do online shopping, while 20 percent prefer not to do their online banking transactions due to security and privacy concerns. These percentages represent lost opportunities for financial institutions and retailers, according to ESET Researcher Stephen Cobb.

The report also documents the relationship between cybercrime concerns and the incidence of such crimes. About 70 percent of adult Americans reported receiving fake emails or phone calls asking for personal information. Far more people, 86 percent of respondents said they were worried they might be a victim of identity theft, but the percentage of respondents who reported experiencing identity theft was less than half that number, at 30 percent. “To be frank, it’s quite shocking that three out of 10 Americans have experienced identity theft,” said Stephen Cobb.

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