Elon Musk supported the charity instead of paying taxes. the amount is huge

Elon Musk sold nearly $20 million worth of Tesla shares. The billionaire also donated a little more than 5 million shares of the company to charity.

Over the past year, the Tesla CEO has sold 15.7 million shares, averaging about $1,043. According to the calculations of tax consultant Gary Black, Musk’s taxable income is $29.2 billion, of which $13.8 billion will go to the US treasury. The figure has already been called the largest tax bill in American history. However, Musk decided to dispose of income differently.
Shares were sold in varying amounts in the second half of 2021, with proceeds going to an unnamed charitable foundation, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. If we compare the prices of the shares at the time of their sale, the amount of the donation is more than 5.5 billion dollars.

This is certainly a noble act that will make the life of those who need this money a little easier. Despite his financial condition, Elon Musk constantly communicates with his audience asking for advice about selling shares. Earlier, we already told how the billionaire accused the media of focusing too much on bad news.

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