Windows 11: Microsoft wants to bring many small but good changes

Windows 11 is available from October 2021 and many people have already upgraded to the new operating system. A big update is on the way with many small but useful innovations.

There are generally only two real choices in the PC and laptop market: Apple or Microsoft. And if you don’t have a Mac, it’s very likely that you have a computer with Windows. The latest version of the famous operating system Windows 11 is in the market from October 2021. Another update has been announced, which will bring many improvements, but also many useful additions, at the request of many users.

Windows 11: Microsoft listens to customers

On the company’s Windows blog, Microsoft announced that they are currently working on Windows 11 version 22000.526 (KB5010414). Users who are members of the beta and release preview channels already get access to the update. It will be released to the general public at the end of February.

The list of changes is long, dominated by numerous bug fixes. Nevertheless, there are also some innovations. They may not appear particularly significant at first glance, but they have been added due to high demand.

More for teams and the taskbar

You can find the entire overview of the innovations in the Windows Blog, but a few are already mentioned below. A practical feature, for example, is that monitors connected to another can now also display the date and time.

If you opt for a more centrally aligned taskbar, details about the weather now appear on the left. If you hover over the weather with the cursor, the widget panel appears on the left, which immediately disappears again when you move the cursor away. You can share open application windows in a Teams meeting right from the taskbar. In addition, you now have the option of muting a call simply by clicking on a new icon in the taskbar – so you no longer have to laboriously enlarge the window first.

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