TikTok , the popular social media application , announced last week that it is working on paid subscription systems. It has been announced that an update will come from TikTok, which is working on a different update, that concerns everyone from 7 to 70 . Here are the details…

TikTok will edit its content based on the age of its users

The popular social media platform has started working on increasing security measures for its younger users. Individuals aged 13 and older can join the platform. However, from now on, users will be protected by age groups from inappropriate content on TikTok.

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New era regulation from Tiktok!

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The company is working on a new test version based on the content rating standards already used for movies and games. Tracy Elizabeth , TikTok’s Global Issue Policy Leader , said in a statement, “We work with content maturity and thematic comfort zones in mind. When the system is fully launched, content we determine to contain overly mature themes may be restricted from young people. In fact, users will be able to choose their own comfort zone,” he said.

The company stated that as of now, they are still in the innovation stage. It was also emphasized that families can control these preferences for their children with the ” Family Matching ” setting. Content producers will also have to specify whether their content is intended for adults or young users from now on.

According to TikTok’s latest rules, users will be restricted from content that encourages suicide, excessive calorie counting and irregular eating. What do you think about these rules that TikTok is working on? You can share your views with us in the comments section or on the SE Forum.

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