Iranian opposition discovered hacktivism: after prison cameras, national channel was also hacked

Earlier this week, a hacktivist group known as Ali’s Justice hijacked the Islamic Republic of Iran Channel (IRIB) webstream to broadcast anti-regime messages. In the incident, which took place on Tuesday, February 1, threatening actors targeted Telewebion, IRIB’s web-based TV and radio broadcasting platform.

Justice of the Ali Group captured internet streams during a live broadcast of an Iran-UAE football match and a short 50-second run from February to an 11-day celebration of the 1979 revolution urging the public to rise up against the Khamenei regime. Video released. Every year from 1 to 11 February.

The message was repeated at various intervals for several hours until the Telewebion platform regained control. The platform made a tweet, accepting the attack later in the day.

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The attack in question only interrupted the web flow, but last week there were disruptions due to a hacker attack from the IRIB broadcast. On January 27, an unidentified group of hackers intercepted IRIB TV’s signal for about 10 seconds in order to show photos of Maryam and Massoud Rajavi, leaders of the country’s opposition to Khamenei’s Mujahideen People’s Organization. “Hail to Rajavi, death to Khamenei!” during about 10 seconds of loss of control over the signal. a voice was heard.

Before the Telewebion was hacked, Ali’s Justice group had previously hacked the internal CCTV system of Evin, a prison in Tehran where Iran held political prisoners, and leaked videos of intense prisoner abuse in August last year.

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