My Instagram account has been hacked, what should I do?

In this article, we will show you how you can get back and secure your Instagram hacked account. Read the complete article and follow step by step.

In today’s time, everyone creates their account on social media, whether it is a celebrity or a common man. Social media is a place where we can talk to as many people as possible. Social media is also used a lot for business in today’s time. Startup or big business is done on the basis of marketing only. Because in today’s time the whole world is connected with social media, it becomes very easy to market something.

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Now imagine what you will do if your Instagram social media account is hacked. this article is for you today

Social media, which has become an indispensable part of today’s world, sometimes presents risky situations as well as access, transformation, interaction and connection (communication, sharing, messaging, information exchange, promotion, advertisement, etc.) among people

These accounts, which contain personal data such as our photos, phone numbers, e-mails, names, surnames, voice recordings, etc., are taken over by others in various ways. Theft of our accounts and data in social media also creates legal responsibilities.

The fraudsters, who have come across with many different methods until today, tried to defraud people by imitating banks, government institutions and celebrities, but now they are sending warning messages to users by imitating Instagram and trying to seize accounts in this way.

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NEW TRAP FOR SCAMS: “You Have Breached Instagram Copyrights and Community Guidelines”

Fraudsters are trying to seize social media accounts with different methods every day. Recently, Instagram has been sending phishing e-mails and direct messages containing fake copyright infringement notifications to users as if they were sent from the Instagram company management. is taking over. With this method, many people, including myself, fall into the network of fraudsters. 

In order to take over Instagram accounts, scammers first send a warning message such as ‘Your account will be permanently deleted due to copyright infringement’, ‘Copyright violation has been detected in a post in your account’. The message states that if you think copyright infringement is wrong, you must provide feedback, otherwise your account will be closed within 12 or 24 hours. This message is usually in the official Instagram notification view.

The first goal of these scammers is to find usernames that they can identify as Instagram. Getting these names is not that easy. First of all, all accounts and names belonging to Instagram itself have already been taken by Instagram. For this reason, there is definitely an error in the names used by scammers. In other words, small mistakes that you can skip with the illusion of mind are actually the first step to detecting fraudsters.

With these names, such as InstagramBusines, InstgrmBusiness, copyright_instagram, copyrigtsupport, which you can take seriously at first sight, but which turns out to be wrong when you examine carefully, they put themselves in the place of real representatives of Instagram and send you a message via DM and sometimes via your registered e-mail.

When users see this message, they click on the links sent in panic and follow the instructions of the scammers, thinking that the violation will be removed. If the specified link is clicked, the account is seized by fraudsters and user passwords are changed. However, now it becomes impossible to recover as the registered email has also been changed to get the account back.

The person who took over the account communicates with your followers and different people and demands money in different ways. The most used method these days is: I received consultancy service from x people, I did investment business and I earned a lot of money, you should try it too. If you contact these x people on this number, a post or story is shared with a picture of a receipt and promises that you can win in a short time.

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I was one of those who made a mistake in the face of this fraud method that I have mentioned so far. The relevant message came, I filled out the form and my lawyer account was taken over.

In this process, it is necessary to resort to various ways to save the account and prevent legal consequences that may arise. Saying “Nothing will happen, I’ll just report the account to my friends” will not eliminate the negative consequences that may arise. The ways I used were:

1- I applied to the social media platform (help centers) where the account in question is located. ( ) After logging in from this link, I click on the Troubleshooting Troubleshooting heading on the page that opens, and I think my Instagram account has been taken over by someone else. Click on the button to complete the process.

Most of the time, this application, which you will make as the main account holder, will be made by filling out a form issued by the social media platform in question and following the procedures. However, it should be noted that an application in this direction can only help you get your account back, it does not provide punishment for people who steal your account or take it unlawfully.

2- You can file a criminal complaint to the prosecutor’s office about people who have maliciously hacked your account. You can make this criminal complaint with a petition from the nearest courthouse near you. If you are using a mobile signature or e-signature, you can now file a criminal complaint online through the citizen UYAP portal. I filed a complaint online.

As we mentioned above, all acts such as stealing, changing or using someone else’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and/or e-mail accounts are prohibited under our law and will be considered a crime if committed. Therefore, you can file a criminal complaint to the prosecutor’s office for the said unlawful acts. This way will be a savior for you in terms of your responsibility in possible crimes that will be committed through your account.

3- , , , , All e-mail addresses found here are the day, time, stealing method, account of my account was stolen. I sent an e-mail with information. In order to support it in terms of proof, I added photos that support me, such as the screenshot of my stolen account, the screenshot of the messages written to the followers, the screenshot of the shared story.

4- I applied to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace to prevent access to the account in question. In the application to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace, requests without a hearing are decided within 24 hours at the latest. Decisions to block access given by the judge within the scope of this article are sent directly to the Access Providers Association. Decisions on blocking access to the content sent by the Association to the access provider are fulfilled within 4 hours at the latest. Although the law restricts the execution of the decision to 4 hours, the average time reaches 2 working days.

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1- First of all, if the message came from DM, check the name and status of the account that sent the message. You should not click on any link sent without direct confirmation, even if it comes from someone on your friend list. This also applies to messages that appear to have been sent from Instagram management. 

2- If it came via e-mail, check the sender e-mail address. In order to check the accuracy of the incoming message or e-mail, a short research should be done on the internet.

3- Be sure to carefully check the URL of incoming links. You may have been targeted by getting an address (Facebook) very similar to popular websites (e.g. Facebook). 

4- Instagram application must be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.

5- If the incoming link is a different website from, do not click on that link.

6- Be careful not to use identical passwords in such accounts and activate two-step verification methods in your accounts. Care should be taken to ensure that the passwords used in the Instagram account and e-mail address are strong, two or even three-step verification methods should be activated. Passwords and passwords should be updated at certain narrow intervals.

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