Google Account or Gmail Recovery Guide

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No one is safe from losing passwords or other data to access your Google Account. In this article, we will tell you in detail how to recover your Google Account.

How to restore access to your account
If you are unable to sign in to your account, please see the information below.

Go to the access recovery page
1. Try to follow as many of the recommendations in this article as possible.
2. Please note that you may not be asked all the questions that Google tells you about in its hints.

If you have already tried to restore access to your account, but received the message “Failed to sign in to your account”, try again.

Answer as many questions as possible
Try not to skip questions. If you are unsure of an answer, choose an option at random.

Also read — Google account hacked, what to do?

Use a location and device where you sign in frequently
If possible:

• use a computer, phone, or tablet that you use to sign in frequently;
• use the browser (such as Chrome or Safari) that you normally use to log in to your account;
• You are where you usually sign in to your account (for example, at home or at work).

Be careful when answering questions
Little things matter. Avoid typos when entering the password and the answer to the secret question. Pay attention to uppercase and lowercase letters.

If the system asks for the last password, enter the newest password you can remember.

If you do not remember the last password , enter the previous one. The newer the version, the better.
If you can’t remember any of your previous passwordstry to guess it.

Answering Security Questions
If you are asked a security question, do the following:

If you don’t remember the answer , try guessing it.
If you know the answer, but the system won’t accept it , try writing it in a different way. For example, “Peter”, not “St. Petersburg”.

Find out when you created your account
If you don’t remember the month and year you created your Google Account, here are a few ways to find out:

• Try looking for the account registration email . If you have access to your account email, try looking for a welcome email from Google or Gmail. If it’s not there, try looking for the email in the account you used before.

Ask your friends . If you use Gmail, ask friends or family when they first received an email from your account.

Recall related events or purchases . Perhaps the creation of the account happened at the same time as something important in your life:
– With a significant event, such as graduating from university.
– With the purchase of a new device. Try to find receipts or checks.

If you can’t find the date, try guessing it.

Sign in to the email service associated with your account
If you are asked for an email address that you have access to, enter the email address you added to your account. Here are some examples:

• A backup email address that helps you regain access to your account. We send security alerts to it.
• An alternate email address that can be used to sign in.
• The contact email address where you receive information about most Google services.

Provide useful information
If you are asked why you can’t access your account, please add information that may help us.

For example:
• You are traveling.
• You receive a specific error message.
• You believe your account has been compromised by malware or other means.
• You changed your password last week and can’t remember it.
If the information provided matches the data we have, it will help restore access to the account.
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Also read — Google account hacked, what to do?

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