It is very difficult to increase the efficiency of the team. Only a high quality Project Management System (PMS) can handle this task. Fun Technical ranked the top 5 software most effective in streamlining a company’s work

The history of the SUP is customary to lead since the 50s of the XX century. The first such system was tested in the United States during the design of two-stage ballistic missiles for nuclear submarines.

The developers needed to conduct initial research and launch production. They prepared three likely scenarios for the development of events, and then, using mathematical calculations, obtained an estimate of the duration of each. Soon a similar method was used to analyze production costs. 

By the beginning of the 1980s, personal PCs appeared, and EMS began to spread widely around the world. Artemis, Oracle, and Scitor Corporation were among the first companies to develop this software. If initially the software was prepared for specific tasks, then after some time general standards were developed for a wide audience. 

Thus, a quality management system should help employees and business owners in defining and agreeing on goals and objectives, assign roles in a team, focus staff efforts on achieving specific goals, and facilitate the identification of resources needed to complete a project. There is no doubt that the development of such software is very difficult. 

Every year, hundreds of manufacturers look for a variety of solutions to the struggle for their customers. Fun Technical analyzed the best of them and ranked the top 5 best soups in 2022.

Editor’s Choice

Asana project management: Best for teams

Best Project Management Tools and Software for 2022

Asana is a project management solution you may have heard of – even if you haven’t used the service in the past. While it offers a ton of useful features to boost productivity, there is a greater emphasis on tracking.

The app lets you create to-do lists and reminders so you can always meet deadlines, plus you can add due dates, coworkers, instructions on tasks, and comments on items. You can also share images from other apps (such as Google Drive) directly to Asana. And more importantly, you can actually track everything you and your colleagues work on to make sure the project goes smoothly and to schedule.

If you’re concerned about who’s working on certain projects, you can bring up a list of teams and individuals, and there’s also a search functionality so you can easily find completed tasks.

Asana offers a free Basic tier, with limited functionality and dashboards. Step up to the Premium tier, Business, or Enterprise tiers and you unlocked additional features, as well as administration and management options.

Top 5 project management Tools and software of 2022 according to Fun Technical

Trello: Best for cross-platform users

Best Project Management Tools and Software for 2022

Over the last few years, Trello has emerged as one of the most popular project management applications. It lets you organize all of your work-based and personal projects through a computer, tablet or smartphone. Trello is notably used by the likes of Fender, Google and Kickstarter.  

You’re able to set up boards to organize everything you’re working on, delegate tasks among colleagues, get customized workflows, add to-do lists within task cards, attach files and comment on items. The idea is that you manage all aspects of a project within the app, regardless of whether it’s team-based or individual.

Both Windows and Mac desktops are supported, with mobile apps available on Android and iOS devices; there’s even a version that’s been optimized specifically for the iPad Pro. The latter sports a larger canvas and a variety of handy email shortcuts to speed up projects. It’s free to download to give it a spin, and can be used on the free tier, although there is a limit on the size of file attachments.

Upgrade to Business Class and you get additional features, including one day email support, and integration with other services such as from Google and Slack, as well as higher attachment limits.

Zoho Projects: Best for small groups

Best Project Management Tools and Software for 2022

Zoho Projects is another project management tool that allows users to plan, organize, and collaborate on projects, while using Gantt charts for detailed visualization of progress and schedules. 

There are also options for document management, time keeping, as well as tracking and fixing errors. A range of integrations are available, such as Slack, Google, Dropbox, as well as the numerous other Zoho suites.

Pricing is dependent on both the number of users, number of projects, and the depth of features required, with higher plans offering unlimited projects and higher limits according to the plan subscribed to. There is a free plan available to explore the software’s features.

LiquidPlanner: Best for users with tight deadlines

Best Project Management Tools and Software for 2022

LiquidPlanner has a robust feature set for enterprise-grade project management, boasting corporate customers which are leading Fortune 500 firms including Bayer, Cisco and Daimler.

Features include the Smart Schedule that can assist in prioritizing work, assigning people resources, and then estimating the hours needed for completion, which then allows the project to be tracked given the hours devoted to it by the assigned workforce.

Conversely, the Resource Management feature can show the hours put in by each worker, and track who is available to assign to the next project. All of this data feeds into easy-to-read dashboards that can integrate in financials and trends.

Note that there is a free 14-day trial to take LiquidPlanner out for a test drive before you commit.

Basecamp: Best for collaboration

Basecamp is one of the oldest project management solutions, having been around for more than ten years, building a reputation which makes it a highly credible tool for businesses that work on big projects.

The latest version of the app offers a variety of helpful features, including the ability to send direct messages for quick discussions, set up a schedule so you only get notifications within work hours, and show your appreciation for colleagues by clicking an applause button. Basecamp avoids a fragmented workflow, and as the firm says, it keeps “discussions, tasks, files, schedules and chat in one place.”

There are some nifty functions for dealing with clients, too. For instance, you can easily save and track client feedback and approvals, and you can also get reports on how projects are going. And when you want to collaborate with others, you can create group chats.

A free version lets you work on up to 3 projects with up to 20 people, to allow you to try out the software. After that there’s only a single paid-for plan, which includes all features and an unlimited number of users, making this a great deal for teams but not so much for individual users.

Podio: Best for new project ideas

Podio has been designed for professionals who are always working on multiple projects and generating new ideas. More than 400,000 businesses and teams from across the world are using it, including the likes of Sony, Volvo and the NFL. 

With the Podio app, you have the ability to create tasks and customize them based on your workflow, taking into account deadlines and responsibilities. There’s also a built-in instant messaging function which you can use to share ideas and see how others are getting on with delegated tasks. Additionally, there is a handy tool for getting quick feedback without having to send several emails.

There are integrations with third-party services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, meaning you can share content quickly and easily. Podio is available in a number of additional languages, including French, German, Danish, Chinese, Spanish and Russian.

On the web, there is a free tier with a limit of up to five employees. 

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How to choose a project management system

Often EMS is used by business owners who intend to optimize certain processes within the company. Finding a truly effective tool is quite problematic. To do this, it is necessary to take into account a number of criteria, which we list below. For help in this matter

  1. Security . This issue should be a priority, as the CMS keeps corporate secrets. To date, the easiest way to check the reliability of the web version of the product is by the protocol that is used. To do this, just go to the site of the desired service and find “https” in the address bar there. There are other ways to test reliability. You can find such information, for example, on the official website of the product, namely, in the “Security” section.
  2. Tariff plans of this or that company. Naturally, in most cases, EMS is far from free. However, there are exceptions. So, some manufacturers offer their customers a long free period. It provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the functionality and features of the system. It is not surprising that such openness almost instantly inspires confidence in the client.
  3. Interface and functionality of the system . It must always be remembered that not only the management staff, but also the most ordinary employees will use the EMS. The functionality of the EMS should be intuitive. As special features, there must be, for example, chat, audio and video calls. This will greatly facilitate communication.
What list of basic functions should be in the EMS?

Creating tasks and storing them in a shared list is not a good idea for any planner. Over time, as their number increases, the display will require a clear hierarchy . A good project management system should provide it.

Restricting access to certain files. Tasks for different departments should not overlap, and some information is strictly confidential to everyone except the head. This factor should be foreseen in advance.

Possibility of delegation of powers . Employees should have a way to delegate a particular task to their colleague. 

Calendar . Just a calendar.

Possibility of commenting . This is a mandatory item for tasks that are performed for a long time and / or by several people. In the comments, they can indicate any information that they deem necessary.

Filters . This is the only function that will allow you to sort out the chaos in the process. Its presence is strictly required.

What elements should a project management system consist of?

To date, a high-level project management system must cope with the following functions:

Document management . The chain “goal – time – costs – risks – quality” should be optimized as much as possible. Comparison of fresh data with the intended goals should also not cause difficulties for the user.

Distribution of resources . Identification of required assets, situational analysis in case of unforeseen incidents to identify the required assets.

Communication . Possibility of creating teams and subdivisions online, providing security for access to the information base.

Synchronization . The ability to integrate with various software products and applications, the use of ready-made templates.

What are the main recommendations for implementing a project management system?

The decision to implement EMS in a company can be not only useful and effective, but also turn into a headache for all staff. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding on the part of employees , several surveys and training sessions should be conducted .

Most likely, many team members will face problems when adapting to a new tool. Treat this with some patience. Listen to people carefully and let them feel that their opinion really matters

Make all kinds of learning materials available. There are many programs for learning on the network, including for self-study. They will help your team get started with best practices. You only need to set the correct vector.

As for the practical side, we recommend using those services that offer powerful native applications that allow you to work effectively both in and out of the office, including on the go. These applications are not just designed for mobile devices, they offer an improved interface and the ability to work offline.

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