How to bypass Google account to reset settings? 4 ways to solve

A few years back, Google introduced a feature called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in Android. This feature prevents the smartphone from being reset to factory settings if the user incorrectly enters the password for the Google account to which the device is linked. But sometimes a user can forget his password, and what to do in this case if you still need to bypass the Google account?

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Method 1. Password recovery

You can go through the password recovery process and unlock your smartphone using the new password. To do this, it is necessary that a backup box be left in your e-mail to contact you or that a phone number is attached to which the verification code can be sent. If this is not the case, it is unlikely that you will be able to change your password, so the question “how to bypass a Google account?” will still remain relevant for you.

Method 2. Recovery through recovery

If the bootloader is unlocked on your smartphone, you can try to go into recovery (this happens differently on different models) and try resetting the smartphone to factory settings. You can also try to install new firmware using a computer or memory card. All this requires certain skills and experience, and therefore is not available to beginners. In addition, during such procedures it is easy to “brick” the smartphone, and then you have to carry it in for repair.

Method 3. Resetting FRP Lock using a SIM card

Some smartphone models allow you to reset the lock through a command from the mobile operator that is sent to the SIM card. But this applies to locked smartphones, and in Russia they are very rare and almost never seen in recent years.

Method 4. Using a special program You

can bypass the requirement to enter a Google account password to reset your smartphone to factory settings using specialized software, for example, the 4uKey for Android program from Tenorshare. Released for Windows and macOS, this program is compatible with most versions of Android (from 7.0 to 11.0) and allows you to bypass Google Account to reset settings .

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How to use 4uKey for Android

Download 4uKey for Android from the developer’s website on your computer, install and run it. On the Start screen, select “Remove Google Account Lock (FRP)”.

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Turn on the Internet on your smartphone, proceed to enter the login and password from your Google account to reset and connect the smartphone to the computer with a cable.

In 4uKey for Android, select the version of Android used on your smartphone. Click “Start” and follow the instructions in the program. During unlocking, you may need to install a browser and go to the Tenorshare website to download additional software.

The smartphone will ask you to add a PIN code. Enter the PIN code twice and remember it or write it down.

Everything is ready! Now the reset will not be confirmed by your Google account, but by the PIN you just assigned. Enter this PIN code, reset your smartphone to the initial settings and set it up from scratch again.


As we can see, there is no universal way to bypass the lock of an Android smartphone, resetting it to factory settings protected by a Google account. The 4uKey for Android program can cope with this task, as it uses a number of hidden tools, access to which is initially closed to the user. With this you can easily bypass the lock and reset your smartphone so that you can set it up again with a different account.

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