Marketing a small business, whether online or offline, is a time-consuming process. As your business grows, managing lead capture, nurturing, conversions and relationship management is too big to handle manually, which is why small business owners turn to marketing automation software to manage the load. Huh.

Are you ready to learn about some of the most powerful marketing automation tools for small and medium businesses? read on!

What is marketing automation?

In simple words, marketing automation means using tools and software to provide potential customers with content that will help them convert. It helps marketers better understand and nurture potential customers, which benefits both businesses and consumers.

How do we know it works?

Marketing automation users saw a 34 percent increase in revenue from sales and a 53 percent increase in conversion rate. In short: it saves you time, connects you with site visitors, helps you get the most out of your potential customers, and provides an amazing return on investment (ROI).

Best marketing automation software for small business

This is why the best thing a small business can do to overcome the challenge of limited time and resources is to find a tool that automates many components of marketing simultaneously, so that the business team spends less time completing these tasks manually.

Whether you are automating email marketing campaigns, personalizing content or referring leads, marketing automation software can help your business increase its time, productivity, and ROI in digital marketing.

Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools for Small Businesses

Are you ready to discover the best marketing automation tools for small businesses? Check out the top five:

1. MarketingCloudFX

Best marketing automation software for small business

The first marketing automation software on our list? MarketingCloudFX. This proprietary software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning at IBM Watson to automate marketing processes and deliver data-driven strategies.

  • Definition: MarketingCloudFX is one of the industry’s leading platforms for ROI tracking – also a trusted marketing automation software for small and medium businesses. MarketingCloudFX features a suite of tools, including automated email marketing, custom content, call tracking, and advanced targeting.
  • The Role: This marketing automation platform provides insight into key performance indicators (KPIs), such as your website visitors, leads, and calls – it can even track offline leads from your digital marketing strategies. With MarketingCloudFX, your company can make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • How SMBs Benefit: With MarketingCloudFX, your SMB can automate many of the components that make up your marketing strategy, saving limited time and allowing your company to focus on other areas. Additionally, the company behind MarketingCloudFX – WebFX – has designed it with small and medium businesses in mind

2. Hubspot

Best marketing automation software for small business

HubSpot, which coined the term inbound marketing, can help your company drive traffic, convert leads, and track users’ purchase paths. Learn more about HubSpot’s usefulness as a marketing automation software below:

  • Definition: Hubspot is a free end-to-end in-house automation software that includes a variety of features, including blog post layouts for hassle-free posting and live chat to build a comfortable relationship with potential clients.
  • Role: This software enables you to automate simple tasks, prepare leads for results, manage data in bulk, design calls to action with customized messages based on location and device, and more. You can put your business on autopilot with Hubspot.
  • How Small and Medium Businesses Benefit: Hubspot helps small and medium businesses that have a sales team and are looking to attract potential customers and users online. If your company is interested in tracking a thoughtful purchase rather than a quick transaction process, this software could be great for you

3. Marketo

Best marketing automation software for small business

Familiar with marketing automation software? Than Marketo, a marketing platform now owned by Adobe, may be a good fit for your growing business. Learn more about Marketo, what it is and how it can benefit SMBs, below:

  • What it is: Although cost is a downside, Marketo is a powerful marketing automation software that allows your business to find and interact with the right customers by helping them know what they want to know about your products.
  • The Role : Marketo provides cloud-based email marketing, smart campaigns, and smart lists, plus you get accurate audience segmentation. It integrates with SalesForce, which removes a lot of the guesswork when it comes to recording customer value.
  • How SMBs Benefit: While helping your company build long-term relationships with customers in a personal way, Marketo benefits SMBs because it is easy to use, quick to set up and requires minimal maintenance, saving your small business time and money!

4. Work on

Want to integrate internal and external marketing strategies? Try Act-On, an adaptive marketing platform used by large businesses and small businesses, including Progressive, Target, and Joyride Coffee.

  • Definition: Act-On is marketing automation software that simplifies and connects inbound and outbound marketing, enabling businesses to track, measure, communicate and better adapt your strategy to individual customer journeys.
  • What it does: This software, unlike Marketo, is easier to use if you are new to automation software. The best part? Option to link CRM software to Act-On, as well as maintain and maintain lists of different people and groups.
  • How it works for SMBs: Act-On benefits SMBs by giving you the ability to see which users have interacted with messages you’ve sent. This information helps build your company’s relationship with customers who are already interested in you, which can lead to a valuable conversion

5. MyEmailFX

Email marketing is one of the best strategies your business can use to connect with potential customers and send them the information they need.

It is one of the most cost-effective digital marketing strategies, providing a huge return on investment (ROI) of $44 for every $1 invested.

An excellent tool to manage and simplify your email marketing strategy? MyEmailFX.

  • What it is: MyEmailFX is a marketing automation software focused on email marketing. It provides tools for creating and analyzing email campaigns, making it easier for your team to improve your email marketing strategy.
  • The Role : With MyEmailFX, you don’t have to waste valuable time by having employees register contact information or write and send emails manually. As an all-in-one software, MyEmailFX can help you easily create, send and monitor your email campaign – all in one place.
  • How SMBs Benefit: This software allows you to analyze metrics like bounce rate, open rate, and click rates that help your business see which emails are successful and which ones need improvement. Plus, it comes with 30 different templates to make creating an email hassle-free

Quick Benefits of Marketing Automation

Discussing whether your SMB needs marketing automation software? With platforms like MarketingCloudFX and MyEmailFX, your business can reap many notable benefits, including:

Reduce the time you spend marketing online

Software that automates tasks enables you to save time, which you can allocate elsewhere, to areas you can’t automate. More Efficient Operations Equivalent to Increased Productivity!

Improved ROI:

In addition to saving time, marketing automation has an impressive ROI, making it an investment that benefits your company in the short and long term.

This type of return on investment can also affect your future growth, allowing you to grow your company and team.

Tailored Communication to Site Visitors

Provides personalized content to users that delivers offers and calls to action that are tailored to their needs.

Providing users with useful information makes it easier for them to get what they need, creating a positive experience that brings them back for more.

Get the most out of your leads

Marketing automation increases the chance of converting high-value leads, by offering them relevant content.

By using relevant content, your team can increase conversion rates and revenue

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