With the success of smartphones and YouTube, the demand for video editing has grown exponentially over the years. Because video-based social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok spread like Wi-Fi signals, even ordinary people who have never done video editing are now interested in video editing. In particular, as telecommunications and online lectures have become common due to COVID-19, more and more people are looking for video editing software.

As the demand has increased, various video editing programs have been released in the market. There are so many different types that many people have a hard time choosing which program to use. In fact, each editor is divided into beginner, intermediate, and expert editions, so you may need to know your editing level. For those of you who are finding it difficult to choose an editor, in today’s post, we would like to introduce some of the popular video editing programs that are used by many. Choose the most suitable editing program according to your editing skills!

PowerDirector 365 : An editor suitable for everyone

PowerDirector is a program suitable for all levels of users, from beginners to experts. Whether you want to start a YouTube channel, create an online lecture, or simply edit a video taken with a smartphone, you can edit it using PowerDirector. You can buy it at 20% off on the current winter sale, so download it quickly.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Best Choice for Professionals

Adobe Premiere Pro is for professionals who want to create high quality content. If you run the program, you can understand it immediately. Since this is an editor used as an industry standard, the interface is tedious and the functions are so varied that you may wonder if you can use them all.

Da Vinci Resolve: The Best Choice for Color Correction and Audio

It is a video editing program that has been in the news recently with its powerful color correction function. However, compared to the excellent color correction function, the general editing environment is rather complicated, and the price to buy the full version is prohibitively expensive if you’re not satisfied with the free version.

1. PowerDirector 365 : Suitable Editor for Everyone

Video Editing Software That Anyone Can Easily Use

Free Version: PowerDirector offers a free trial version that allows you to use all the features of the paid version, except that some file formats are not supported for rendering.

System requirements: Windows 7 (64-bit), Processor: Intel Core™ i-series or AMD Phenom® II or higher, Storage: 7 GB available, Memory: 4 GB RAM, Sound card: Windows compatible sound card


  • Affordable prices starting at 9,000 won per month
  • Simple usage that does not require additional learning
  • Supports both basic and premium features
  • 500+ built-in transitions, templates and overlay effects
  • New features, video effects, and sound sources updated regularly
  • Easy image synthesis with sophisticated mask function
  • CyberLink Cloud 50 GB provided


The subscription version includes thousands of premium templates, but all the extra content requires a lot of hard disk space to download.

PowerDirector’s premium video editing features are well-loved. The winner of the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award, TechRadar Pro comes highly recommended as the best video editing program for all levels of users.

PowerDirector is an easy-to-use program for all users, beginners, experts and semi-professionals. A simple interface that is easily understood at a glance, it is packed with powerful features that are as powerful as Premiere Pro.

There are many tutorial videos on YouTube that introduce the intuitive interface and functions of the program, so please check it out.

This program includes the following features:

  • 500+ transitions, overlays, titles and transitions
  • Shutterstock video, photo and music library
  • Save videos to your hard drive in multiple formats, upload to YouTube, share to Facebook
  • Square and vertical video in social media clips
  • motion graphics titles
  • drag and drop effect
  • Storyboard, timeline and slideshow interface
  • Free tutorial library

2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Best video editing program for professionals

Video Editing Software That Anyone Can Easily Use

Free version: 7 days


  • Provide professional quality tools and interfaces
  • Compatible within Creative Cloud
  • High-quality options for Windows users


  • Difficult use environment for beginners
  • Requires a high-end computer
  • High price/subscription based

If you are a professional video maker, Adobe Premiere Pro may be the best choice for you. Recognized as an industry standard, professionals use the program to produce mainstream content. It’s pricey, but it’s worth it because it offers a lot of features and professional quality.

Premiere Pro Features:

  • Precise editing and trimming tools
  • automatic function
  • Advanced editing features

3. Da Vinci Resolve

Best video editing program for color correction and audio

Video Editing Software That Anyone Can Easily Use


  • Multi-user collaboration options
  • intuitive interface
  • cross-platform capabilities


  • Separate learning required
  • High spec computer required
  • No direct export to social media
  • Works best with specially designed expensive hardware

Relatively powerful even in the free version, DaVinci Resolve offers advanced features that go beyond simple editing. Designed for professionals, this program’s powerful color correction can correct skin tones and even eye color, and its audio editing features are very powerful.

DaVinci Resolve Features:

  • Quality audio editing tools
  • color correction
  • Fusion editing module

4. Corel Video Studio Ultimate

A lightweight video editing program for Windows users

Video Editing Software That Anyone Can Easily Use

Compatible: Windows

Free version: 30 days


  • Easy to use and easy to learn
  • Unique and easy-to-use interface
  • cheap


  • Interface not good enough for advanced editors

Corel Video Studio Ultimate is a basic editing program you can find at a relatively low price. The interface is easy to learn, so even beginners can learn quickly without any knowledge of other systems.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate features:

  • 360 degree editing options
  • Excellent 3D text support
  • Thousands of advanced effects
  • Split screen video function

5. Pinnacle Studio

low cost video editing program

Free version: 30 days


  • Simple and clean interface
  • cheap
  • Tutorial built-in


  • Limited advanced features

Pinnacle Studio is likewise a simple program with easy-to-use features for beginners. In addition to being free, it has the advantage of including various effects.

The program is free to use for 30 days, making it suitable for users who want to do simple editing tasks or create videos for fun.

Pinnacle Studio Features:

  • stop motion animation
  • 1,500+ effects
  • Multi-camera compatibility
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