Videos are widely used for sharing, entertainment, educational and other purposes on video sites, social networks and news platforms. As the demand for video to convey information is increasing, the demand for video editing tools is increasing rapidly. For example, you may need to turn a video clip into an impressive short film to share, a funny video for entertainment, an educational video, etc. So you need a video editor.

A lot of people are looking for a free editor to support. However, the freeware always automatically adds the name or logo of unwanted software to your videos. Here, I will introduce 11 free video editing software without watermark.

In addition to DaVinci Resolve, other free software tools for professionals are also suitable for beginners in video creation, conversion and editing. EaseUS Video Editor provides free video editing software for beginners and experts to create engaging videos with ease. If you want video without watermark, you can upgrade to Pro version without watermark, high quality video and other features.

This versatile tool allows you to trim MP3, MP4 or any other file in any format supported by this editor. It supports the most popular video, audio and image formats, so you can edit your files freely and easily.

This editor can also be used as a video editor with free special effects. If you want to add filters, transitions and overlays to your video clips, you can use this editor to create your own masterpieces.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark

More features:

  • Edit video by trimming/split/merge/rotate/mix
  • Support for multiple video and audio tracks
  • Various effects are available
  • Convert files to other formats like Convert YouTube to MP4
  • Provide ready-to-use templates

You can also use other advanced editing tools. You can extract subtitles from MP4, MVK and other video files without much effort while some can easily remove embedded subtitles. Download and try this all-in-one software.

Your PC may have a default editor called Windows Movie Maker, which is also easy to use. However, compared to some third-party software, this editor has some drawbacks in terms of compatibility, output options, and other features.

compareEaseUS Video Editorwindows movie maker
high quality
Multi-track editing×
audio effecthas existNo audio effect in storyboard
Supported formatMP4, MP3, AVI, MPEG, MOV, GIF, WAV, M4A, JPG, PNG, etc.MPEG-4, WMV, AAC

10 Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark

1. VSDC Free Video Editor – Supports Various File Formats

Applies To: Windows

It is an editing application that helps you edit videos and create videos of all types and complexity. There is no watermark, ads or trial period. Hence, it is a good option for both beginners and experts.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark


  • Supports various image/audio/video formats
  • Excellent selection of effects, transitions and filters
  • Provides advanced features such as picture-in-picture (PIP) and color mixing
  • Allow creation of masks to hide, blur, or highlight content
  • Provides option to export edited video to social networks
  • Allow to share videos directly to social media

Apart from these features, it also has additional features like DVD burning, video converter, video capture and much more. If you want to convert clip to video through basic techniques, this app is a good option.

2. iMovie – Easy Commands 

Applies to: macOS and iOS

iMovie is a free video editing software without a watermark tool developed by Apple for macOS and iOS devices.

Simple and intuitive, iMovie is the most user-friendly tool available for beginners. It’s free, but iMovie won’t watermark anything you edit unless you want to.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark


  • Video/Audio/Image editing support
  • Allow adding transitions and effects
  • Comes with preset trailers and themes
  • 4K resolution support
  • Support for multiple video/audio tracks

Compared to other similar products, iMovie has a special advantage that it offers an app version for iOS devices. This means that you can also edit your videos on your mobile device if needed.

Final Cut Pro X is an advanced editor developed by Apple. It has more advanced features than iMovie and is more suitable for professionals who need professional equipment and want to create high quality videos.

However, Final Cut Pro X is a paid tool and charges $299.99. If you’re using a Mac, choose a free or paid app depending on your needs.

3. Hitfilm Express – One-Stop Video Processing 

Applies to: Windows and macOS

Hitfilm Express is a powerful yet free video editing software with no watermarks for users who need all the advanced, easy-to-use video editing tools. It also offers unlimited tracks, so you can add various effects to make your video more elaborate.

This free video editor without watermark fully supports 2D and 3D compositing. If you need to add VoiceOver to your videos, the built-in audio recorder can help.

Best 10 Free Video Editing Software Without Watermark


  • video editor for pc without watermark
  • More than 410 effects supported
  • Free video tutorials available
  • Video color coding support
  • Export video to MP4, AVI, etc.

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are other advanced editing tools you can use. For example, you can select multiple clips in the media panel and this free video editor with no watermark can sync them automatically.

4.  OpenShot – Award-Winning App 

Applies to: Windows, macOS and Linux

OpenShot is an award-winning, open-source, free, watermark-free video editor. I’m not exaggerating the usefulness of the tool when I say OpenShot is easy to use and easy to learn.

Since it has everything available, you can use it to create stunning videos without worrying about watermarks or limitations.


  • Video/Audio/Image editing support
  • Support for multiple video/audio tracks
  • Provides various effects and 3D animations
  • Enable slow motion and time effects
  • Allow adding titles to videos

A valuable advantage of OpenShot is that it supports more than 70 languages, a lot more than any other free tool. Its simple interface and clear feature display make OpenShot a good choice for beginners who need a basic editor.

5. Shotcut – Timeline editing support 

Applies to: Windows, macOS and Linux

If you google “free video editing software without watermark” you will find many recommendations for shotcut. When it comes to true video editors that don’t really have watermarks, Shotcut matters.

Shotcut is an open-source and cross-platform program for video creation and editing. It provides enough features for the users to convert their video clips into amazing videos.


  • Support for various file formats
  • Excellent compatibility with devices that capture video and audio
  • Provides a flexible and intuitive interface
  • Provides unique video effects, filters and templates

Shotcut does not accept watermarks, add-ons, trial versions, plug-ins and unrelated bundled software such as the freeware introduced above. Unlike other free tools, file import is not required in Shotcut due to its basic timeline editing features. 

Again, if you’re a beginner looking for an easy video maker, Shotcut is an option worth considering.

6. DaVinci Resolve -8K video support 

Applies to: Windows, macOS and Linux

If you are a beginner, you will be overwhelmed by the capabilities of DaVinci Resolve. Personally, DaVinci Resolve is one of the most versatile free video editors without watermarks.

This free software is more feature rich than you might expect and is known for providing professional looking features. When you want to make a high-quality video or movie, you can apply this program to get the job done.


  • Free video editor without watermark
  • Provides basic and advanced editing options
  • Provides intelligent editing mode for auto-syncing and editing clips
  • Provides built-in tools for time adjustment, stabilization and transformation
  • Ability to create projects with different frame rates and resolutions
  • Frame rate conversion and motion estimation support

DaVinci Resolve is a revolutionary tool for video and audio editing with amazing features like cut pages, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction and more. DaVinci Resolve is your first choice if you prefer free and free to use professional video creation and editing software without watermarks.

7. Video Grabber – Online Editor 

Applies to: all browsers

If you are looking for watermark free online editor, Video Grabber will meet your needs perfectly. This tool makes it easy to edit your videos.

Users just need to select a feature, import an item and create a video as per their requirements. If necessary, you can also download the app and edit the video on your computer.


  • video editor for pc without watermark
  • Online video editing support
  • Allow video merge/crop/rotate/crop/screenshot/mute/split
  • Enable audio extraction
  • Allow making GIFs from videos

Video Grabber is a free online video editor without watermark and can be used simultaneously as a video downloader/editor/converter and screen recorder. Therefore, it is very suitable for users who want to create educational videos.

8. Blender – Rich Special Effects 

Applies to: Windows, macOS and Linux

Blender is similar to a 3D creation tool, but it can also work as free software. Claiming to be free forever, Blender doesn’t add watermarks to the video you’re editing.

The amazing thing about this freeware is that it has up to 32 tracks where you can add videos, images, audio files and much more. If other programs don’t have enough tracks available, Blender should meet your needs.


  • Provides live preview, luma waveform, chroma vectorscope and histogram display
  • Allows audio mixing, synchronization, scrubbing and waveform visualization
  • Provides up to 32 tracks for adding clips, images, audio, scenes, masks and effects
  • Enable speed control, adjustment layers, transitions, keyframes, filters, and more

Because Blender is an advanced 3D creation tool, it is the perfect choice for users who want to beautify their videos with special effects.

This is the most popular free video editing software (no watermark) in 2021. Apply the software that best suits your needs to start creating great creations today. 

Some users may say that Lightworks is a non-watermark video editor, but the latest version of Lightworks only has a 7-day free trial. Therefore, it is a free product.

9. Clipchamp – Awesome Video Templates 

Applies to: all browsers

It is a free online video editor that provides lots of useful and beautiful video templates. You can easily find the best templates for all occasions like YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

It also offers other video editing tools. For example, you can convert, compress, record and create videos without delay. You can edit your own video clip to make it a masterpiece.


  • Convert to the required file format
  • Add logo to video
  • Add text to video easily
  • easy to use

In addition to the above mentioned, you can also use this tool to create video memes and share them with your friends on various social platforms.

10. Kapwing – Many Tools 

Applies to: all browsers

Kapwing is a popular online video editor that offers many options for the tools you can use to create and edit videos. For example, you can crop or resize a video without much effort. You can also add certain items to your video clip, such as text and subtitles.

For those who want to create slideshows, stop motion videos and montage videos, this online tool can be the best option as you can create these types of videos in just a few clicks.


  • Free video editor without watermark
  • Add watermark to videos, photos and more
  • change video speed
  • Rotate images and videos easily
  • remove background sound

There are other useful video editing tools out there that you can use to create some really great work. You just need to log in to remove the watermark.

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