Apple is inviting users to post macro shots on Instagram and Twitter using the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #iPhonemacrochallenge to enter an international competition. A panel of industry experts and Apple representatives will evaluate the entries and select 10 winners.The best shots will be featured in Apple Newsroom,, Apple’s Instagram (@apple) page and other official company social media pages. Photographs may also be used in digital advertising campaigns, for advertising posters at Apple Stores or in public photo exhibitions.

Remember that the camera systems of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max consist of ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle and telephoto cameras, all controlled by the A15 Bionic chip. The aperture value of the ultra-wide camera is sufficient /1.8. A new lens design, autofocus, is a first for the iPhone’s ultra wide-angle camera, and software helps users take close-up shots of small objects.

Macro photography allows you to capture the most common household items (such as hairbrushes), dishes on the table or natural objects from unusual angles: snow, ice, feathers, flowers, insects, animals. The special charm of macro photography lies in its ability to turn ordinary things into works of art.

Apple invites owners of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max to participate in the Macro Photography Contest

A few macro tips for iPhone 13 Pro:

  • Bring the camera as close to the object as possible – the minimum distance is 2 centimeters.
  • It is better to place the main focus point in the center of the frame – this area will be most pronounced.
  • You can also tap the screen to set the focus point manually.
  • If you shoot at 0.5x magnification, the entire field of view of the ultra wide-angle camera will be used. But if you need to reduce the area of the frame, you can choose a magnification of 1x – the iPhone will automatically switch from one camera to another as you get closer to the object, while maintaining the desired magnification. .


Anand Varma

Member of the National Geographic Explorer Program and a successful photographer. He believes that the camera is not only a tool to capture what a person sees, but also a way to reveal the inner beauty and complexity of the world hidden from the naked eye. Anand has a degree in biology and along the way shows his audience the mysteries of nature, showing the various organisms living on our planet in incredible detail that often goes unnoticed.

Apeksha Maker

Apeksha is one of the founders of The House of Pixels, a commercial photography studio based in Mumbai. Photography is a way of self-expression for the sake of expectation. She collaborates with many prominent actors and actresses in India and other countries of the world. Expect Maker’s work is featured regularly in major publications such as GQ, Elle and Cosmopolitan.

Peter McKinnon

Peter is an internationally renowned photographer, filmmaker, YouTube content writer and entrepreneur. He uses various platforms to inspire fellow photographers and help them fulfill their dreams. In 2019, Peter McKinnon won Hottest YouTube Debut of the Year at the Shorty Awards, and in 2020 he won the Streamy Award for Cinematography. His photograph was featured on two special collectible coins issued by the Royal Canadian Mint.

Paddy Chao

Paddy captures the moments of everyday life on his iPhone. On his works you can see streets, people, landscapes, architecture. Paddy Chao has won several international photography awards for her iPhone photography, including National Geographic, PX3, Mobile Photography Awards (MPA) and IPAWARDS.

Yik Keith Lee

Yik Kit Lee is a self-taught urban photographer based in Singapore. At 25, Yik Keith has already worked with top international brands including Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Adidas and Porsche for seasonal advertising campaigns, as well as with major Singapore organizations such as OCBC Bank and Channel 8. Yick Keith Lee is known for his talent for creating unique stories from everyday things and his special attention to detail. He actively uses various social networks and teaches other users to take great pictures using a smartphone.

Arem Duplessis
Arem is the Director of Photography on Apple’s marketing team. He works closely with some of the most successful photographers in the world, and prior to that he was the art director for The New York Times Magazine for nearly a decade.

Billy Sorrentino
Billy works with the Apple design team and directs photography for all Apple products. Prior to joining the company, he led the creative team at WIRED and worked with several renowned journalist photographers.

della huff
Della is responsible for bringing photo and camera software to Apple devices. She is also a keen photographer, loves to travel and shoot whatever she sees on her iPhone.

Kayann Drance
Kayann has been involved in many of Apple’s photography-related products, from the first iPod touch to the latest iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. She is the Vice President of International Product Marketing.

Pamela Chen
Pamela is responsible for the aesthetic and visual design of Apple’s photography and editing software. She works closely with writers and artists from around the world. Prior to this, she was an Instagram editor and senior illustration editor at National Geographic.

How to Submit Macro Shots to a apple Contest

Apple invites owners of the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max to participate in the Macro Photography Contest

To enter the contest, post your best iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max macro shots to Instagram or Twitter and use the hashtags #ShotoniPhone and #iPhonemacrochallenge. Weibo users can participate by tagging their work with #ShotoniPhone# and #iPhonemacrochallenge#. In the caption, be sure to indicate which iPhone model the photo was taken on. You can also send photos in maximum resolution by email to, using the following name format: “firstname_lastname_macro_modeliPhone”. In the subject line, write: “Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge Submission”. Both raw photos and photos processed in the Photos app on Apple devices or in third-party applications may participate in the Contest. Acceptance of applications begins on January 25, 2022 at 17:01 Moscow time, and ends on February 17, 2022 at 10:59 Moscow time. Users 18 years of age and older are eligible to participate, except for Apple employees and their immediate families.

If you submit a photo to the contest by posting it on social media, the post must be public. Photos that infringe the rights of third parties, including copyright, trademark or other intellectual property rights, the right to privacy and any other civil rights, are not eligible to participate in the Contest; Photos depicting sexual scenes, nudity, scenes of violence and other inappropriate subjects; Images that defame Apple or any other third party or third party in any way.

Apple believes that creative work should be paid, so 10 winners will receive royalties for using their work in Apple’s marketing channels. You retain all rights to your photos, however, by submitting your photos to the Contest, you give Apple a one-year, worldwide, non-revocable, non-exclusive, worldwide use, modify, publish, display license to produce, distribute, manufacture. makes derivative works from, and publishes its photographs in Apple Newsroom, their potential use on, on Apple’s Twitter (@Apple), Instagram (@apple), WeChat and Weibo pages and in digital advertising campaigns, in the Apple Store, on advertising posters, at Apple’s internal corporate exhibitions and at public exhibitions In.

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