Steve Jobs explains why Apple products are expensive

As we all know that Apple products have always been quite expensive. And it’s not just in India (although the exchange rate against the dollar makes us suffer even more from this).

The most superficial explanation that can be given is the fact that “Apple products are status”.

A journalist once asked Steve Jobs about this, who replied why apple products cost so much.

According to Jobs, Apple’s big difference is that it doesn’t offer consumers fewer product categories to make them cost less.

In fact, if we take the current scenario, it is quite easy to find very cheap smartphones as compared to iPhone. Companies such as Samsung, Motorola and LG offer the following range of handsets with low features or made of substandard materials.

Yes, it’s a good thing these more affordable options exist, because in the worst case it is always possible to fit in the budget, which is a must even for work nowadays.

However, it was never Apple’s intention to offer such an option. For the company, the important thing is to offer a product that is minimum acceptable to its customer, which ensures that when buying a branded device, he will not take home a low quality one.

This is summarized in a sentence spoken by Jobs in the following video, describing how he levels his own quality level in the products he manufactures:

“Our goal is to make products that we are proud to sell and recommend to our family and friends.”

It may just be a marketing phrase. However, when analyzing Apple’s history, this is what it has always presented over the years. When we recommend an apple product to someone, we are sure that the person will like that product and fall in love with it.

Check out the video, taken in August 2007, a few months after the launch of the first iPhone:

Whether you like Apple or not, you like or hate Steve Jobs, there’s one thing you’ll have to agree on: The amount of junk we buy nowadays is just too much.

It’s not uncommon for you to buy a brand’s product and have problems after a while, or it breaks or stops working because it was made from low quality materials.

It’s also common knowledge that things that cost less are of poor quality, and it’s no accident, for the most part, that’s why they’re cheap.

No, no one here is saying that Apple is right and their products are foolproof. However, anyone who has an Apple product and others from other brands can understand that in the case of apples, there are no less quality alternatives. Everything is of high quality. And there is a price for that.

Before ending this text, I would like to draw attention to the context of the video.

It was made in 2007, when Jobs was still alive. Apple was commanded by him and all products and pricing policies passed through his endorsement. Today, who runs the company is Tim Cook, who seems to pay more attention to finances and profits, so the purpose of showing this video is not to try to justify Apple’s prices today, but to remember the vision that Steve Jobs had about it.

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