Google working on AR headset and targeting launch in 2024'

The team surrounding Project Iris is a closely guarded secret within Google working on AR glasses that should hit the market in 2024.

Two Google engineers involved in developing the new augmented reality (AR) glasses are leaking the first details about the project to The Verge. Just as Apple is working on “mixed reality” glasses, Project Iris uses external cameras to show an “enhanced” view of the world around you.

The current prototype is similar to ski goggles. Computing power is via Google Cloud or remote computers, but it goes without saying that the emphasis is primarily on the former.

According to sources who spoke to The Verge, today a team of 300 people is working on Project Iris. Hundreds more will be added towards the launch of the headset.

Mixed reality race

Any leak should be taken with a grain of salt, but with projects at least two years away from launch, a bag of salt is more realistic. R&D projects in any company, especially at Google, can remain experimental and never produce a final product.

On the other hand, the race for ‘mixed reality’ is now a fact with Meta, Apple and Microsoft experimenting solely with products or hardware already available. Google should neither lag behind nor be left behind.

The search giant has gained a lot of experience within AR after already launching Google Glass in 2012. Innovative glasses failed as a consumer product but are still actively offered for professional use ().

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